Heatsink advice

  Desperate-Dan 08:12 25 Aug 2007

Hi I have a Asus M2V-MX mobo athlon 64 x2 cpu in sonata III case, socket AM2 whats the quietest heatsink I can use I don't play games so heat is not a problem

  User-1159794 08:16 25 Aug 2007

click here

I use the Zalman Flower which is pretty good.

  Desperate-Dan 07:18 26 Aug 2007

Thanks for that I'll have a look at it and do bit more research

  €dstowe 09:28 26 Aug 2007

All of my studio and my home machines use Zalman coolers. Completely satisfied with them.

  citadel 10:04 26 Aug 2007

scythe infinity, and it is very easy to mount on a am2 motherboard. " a superlative heatsink " custom pc elite list.

got 2 of these click here on a 5200 x2 and a 6000 x2 both fans turned off max temps 33c, on the stock hsf was 69/70c. only drawback they are massive!

  Desperate-Dan 11:07 26 Aug 2007

I like the Zalman cpu cooler's but which one should I go for? I don't play games so I don't think I need the higher end cooler I just want one with the quietest fan

  €dstowe 11:40 26 Aug 2007

My Zalmans are these click here

Bought from Quiet pc.

  Desperate-Dan 12:06 26 Aug 2007

are they quiete? my cpu fan humms all the time its drives me nuts

  Totally-braindead 12:51 26 Aug 2007

I can hardly hear mine and its a standard CPU fan but my PC sits on the floor. Perhaps you should move your PC to somewhere its less noticeable if it bothers you so much, or perhaps get a better case.

  €dstowe 13:13 26 Aug 2007

My Zalmans are almost silent. I have 20 computers in a studio and, obviously we are very concious of extraneous noise.

Each machine has Zalmans and 120mm speed adjustable case fans. Remember large fans move relatively larger amounts of air so can spin more slowly to achieve the same cooling.

Note: most machines have foam sound proofing lining the cases (obtainable from Quiet pc)

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