Heat transfer paste ???

  gerriecah 13:53 15 Oct 2007

I have obtained an Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor complete with cooling fan. The fan has three small pads of what I presume are thermal transfer tape on the base that contactes to the CPU. Installation instructions, with the processor, make no mention of using Thermal Paste nor Spray, altho the installation instructions with the board advise using a Thermal Spray.

Is the use of thermal transfer paste/spray required with this cooling fan with the thermal transfer pads fitted ???

  johndrew 14:53 15 Oct 2007

Do you mean the heat sink, which has the fan attached to it, has the heat transfer tape? If so you should only need to clean the CPU face before assembly. See click here for more details.

  Belatucadrus 15:27 15 Oct 2007

The pads are also possibly covered with a tape that protects them from dust while in store/transit. The tape needs removing before installation for the pads to work.
Thermal transfer tape isn't that common in the UK, usually only seen in double sided self adhesive form on heatsink mounts.

  gerriecah 20:44 15 Oct 2007

johndrew and Belatucadrus ----- Many thanks for your responses.
Johndrew ---- Yes the tape is fixed to the heatsink and the CPU is new, so no "muck" to remove

Belatucadrus ---- Thanks for the links to Youtube, the first link was exactly what I required, answered everything I needed.

Very many thanks to you both, very much appreciated, now I can forge on.


Gerrie C.

  gerriecah 20:50 15 Oct 2007

Johndrew and Belatucadrus ---- Sorry guys, I got the statements mixed to the wrong persons. My apologies to you both, and once again many thanks for your help.


Gerrie C.

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