Heat sink fans direction?

  Migwell 18:58 10 Nov 2007

I have taken my heat sink fan off to give it a good clean. I am using a Zalman Flower cooler , but I cant remember which way it was on. Do you have it so the air is blowing onto the heat sink, which makes sense because you would be blowing cooler air onto the heat sink and chip to cool it, OR do you have it the other way around i.e extracting the heat away from the heat sink chip.
Oh boy do I feel daft at having another senior moment. The gray matter is not what it used to be.

Thanks in advance

  ambra4 19:23 10 Nov 2007

It works best extracting the heat away from the heat sink chip.

  Totally-braindead 19:25 10 Nov 2007

Extracting the air from the heatsink is the way it runs. In other words when you go near the fan the air should be blowing towards you and away from the heatsink.

  Migwell 19:35 10 Nov 2007

Thanks guy's. The mind just went blank for a while, when I tried to work it out logically both ways seemed to have their sensible answers. Now that you have said what you have that makes more sense.
Old saying-- two heads are better than one even if they are sheeps which mine is tonight.

Thanks again Migwell

  Migwell 19:50 10 Nov 2007

And thanks

  woodchip 19:56 10 Nov 2007

They normally blow onto the sink but just turning the fan will not change direction, the correct way is if you look at the blades the curved side should be away from heatsink. to change rotation you have to change connection over, but if you put the fan on the wrong way it will not be as efficient

just to complicate matters.. my arctic pro used to blow away from the heatsink but my akasa blows through the fins of a slim but large heatsink. judging by the 'flower' design i suppose it could be either, generally the label is not visable, if this helps (airflow goes toward label)

  Ashrich 22:49 10 Nov 2007

If you have hot food on a fork , do you blow it to get the heat away , or suck near it ? Fans on heatsinks , if they fit on the top , blow down , sucking upwards would only really work if it is in a tube system ( cowling ) like some Dell machines have where the rear fan extracts heat away from the processor as well .

adman2 , my Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro ( for AMDx2 ) blows through the heatsink fins , towards the rear fan , perhaps this is why you didn't get on with it ?


sorry i got them the wrong way round. i didnt get on with it because it broke my and many others motherboards. i did however fit it the wrong way round on my first attempt, i thinj thats what confused me (ahem!)

wrong again! they both blow through the heatsink. one too many diet cokes last night obviously! as ashley has said, other than the flat heatsinks that come with cpus ie face upwards, they wouldnt work if they were blowing away.

  DieSse 10:16 11 Nov 2007

Fans should always blow onto the heatsink - that's the standard configuration of every one I've ever seen (apart from a few less usual heatsinks where they blow through sideways).

However I did see some tests somewhere a few months ago (can't remember where) and they tried both ways with proper temperature measuring equipment - and there was little difference in practice with the particular heatsink they used.

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