Heat for quietness??

  Bluescreen 12:38 01 Jun 2003

I have installed a speed fan controller and a Silent PSU. When I set the fan controller at minimum, my Computer becomes silent but my cpu temp has risen from 41-47c. I know we all go on about temps, but the tradeoff for the peace and quiet seems worth while. Am I really at risk of damageing my CPU?

The CPU is an 2000xp.Case temp is 40c.

  BrianW 12:46 01 Jun 2003


  Bluescreen 12:49 01 Jun 2003

Thanks Brian. With all this in mind, I wonder how those poor people manage to get their CPUs to run at 60c+. They must run them on a stove!


  Forum Editor 13:14 01 Jun 2003

"we all go on about temps"

There's only one truth to remember where CPUs are concerned, and that is the cooler they are the better they'll run. There's no debate about that - it's a fact, and high operating temperatures will shorten the life of any processor. Take away the heatsink from an AMD processor and it would self-destruct in a matter of

Having said that, your Athlon 2000XP is rated to run at temperatures in excess of the 47 degrees you quote, although there's often confusion over what the temperature actually is. You must bear in mind that temperature sensors never record the core temperature of the processor, so the reading you get (from a sensor under the chip, or at the heatsink surface) is likely to be as much as 20 or even 30 degrees lower than the processor's real core temperature.

AMD state that a processor over 1,100MHz should never have a core temperature over 95 degrees, so from what I say above you can see that if your reading rises to around 60 degrees your processor is probably facing a melt-down. In practice I would tend to worry if the temperature rose to 50 degrees, which means you could be getting close to the safe upper limit.

My advice is to tolerate a little background noise and run the fan faster.

  Forum Editor 13:16 01 Jun 2003

"Take away the heatsink from an AMD processor and it would self-destruct in a matter of moments"

Is what I should have said.

  Rayuk 15:17 01 Jun 2003

Depends which motherboard you are using.

  Rayuk 15:17 01 Jun 2003

you should have said "seconds"

  Bluescreen 21:24 01 Jun 2003

Thanks for the input but WOW!!! Have you opened a can of worms?? Are you saying that we should add 20-30c to our mobo readings? AMD state that cpu temp should not reach 95c. Must we now assume that if we reach 65c on the mobo sensor that we are past it when I thought it was 95c.

OK ...A new target has been set.I need to get a silent case fan!!!


  everythingsuk 21:39 01 Jun 2003

americans use farenheight (how the hell do you spell that) we use celcius

  hugh-265156 02:28 02 Jun 2003

see what happens when the heatsink is removed.click here and download the video.

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