Heat problem?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:53 15 Mar 2004

Hi i read a post on CPU temps and now im worried about mine this is a copy of the sensor report:

--------[ Sensor ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sensor Properties:
Sensor Type ITE IT8705F
Sensor Access ISA 290h
Motherboard Name ECS K7S5A

Motherboard 25 °C (77 °F)
CPU 36 °C (97 °F)

Cooling Fans:
CPU 2722 RPM

there was lots of voltage stuff but i didnt put that in is this to high for my cpu? seems very hot to me.


  W.o.t.i.f 15:06 15 Mar 2004

i would have thought 36 degrees for a processor was low? Mine is usually running at 46. What processor are you using?

  Ether 15:20 15 Mar 2004

My CPU (Athlon 2100+) is running at 58 degrees C and this has always been the case.
My motherboard runs at 25 degrees C

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:43 15 Mar 2004

This is a 1800 xp cpu and its not the 36 bit its the 97 bit i read they shouldnt go over 95 and at best as low as poss.


  anon1 15:47 15 Mar 2004

Is the pc working ok? If yes then its not broken so don't fix it. Too much to worry about in life already without the added worry of a couple of degrees. You will probably upgrade before the thing will burn out anyway. Relax :-)

  hugh-265156 15:55 15 Mar 2004

36C for your cpu is nice and cool.dont read the F if it scares you :-)

play some games or do something like running [email protected] or just click here for a few hours (the graphic on this page runs you cpu at 100%) and you may notice the temps going up when its working hard.if it stays below 60C i would still say thats fine.any higher under load then i would look at extra cooling.

dont confuse F with C.

  georgemac 16:02 15 Mar 2004

you have just been confused by DegF (farenheit) and degC (celcius)

AMD CPU's are OK up to 90 degC but I would start to get worried if the cpu temp was above 65 - 70 degC

  JerryJay 16:11 15 Mar 2004

Your CPU actually is very cool. Altough we use C, so do most of the world, but US still use F in temp measurement. Very strange, they still use imperial units in US, NASA lost a small spacecraft a few years ago because different teams use different units for force calculation.

  R4 16:13 15 Mar 2004

My Athlon runs at 58 Degrees C and is fine i would say that your 36C is rather low but not a problem.

You can always check the rating from the CPU code (ie: AMD-K71800AMS3C [this is NOT an XP]) where the S = 85C or it is a T for 95C as the max temp at which the CPU will work.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 17:06 15 Mar 2004

Well,i just been and brought a new fan cos i didnt think other was going fast enough at 2000 odd rpm and the new 1 going around 3700 rpm so the fan i think was on its way out or was not set right somwhere and the temp actually went up after i changed the heatsink fan 39c 102f it running at this now maybe i should put other fan back lol.


  hugh-265156 17:10 15 Mar 2004

make sure the fan is blowing down onto the heatsink.

although spinning faster,the new fans cfm may not be as high.

all fans are not equal.

you were ok to start with.

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