the heat is on

  tulix 13:36 24 Mar 2003

i am a little worried.I have run a temp test with hardware sensor monitor and it says my mainboard is running at 66.0c and its in a red box is this too high.I have a case fan installed. And my cpu is running at 52.5c its an amd athlon.Also wot is thermal throttle control ??

  powerless 15:53 24 Mar 2003

"A: Throttling is the ability of the CPU to change between stop (idle), and full speed modes, at very high frequency (hundreds of kilohertz). This CPU switching looks (to the system) as a decrease in the working frequency of CPU, and leads to lower power consumption." click here

...Gigahertz now.

Case fan is in the right way round?

The CPU temp is "ok" if anything a little high but still it is "ok". Try moving the case out...Also make sure the cables inside are not against a fan etc blocking the flow of air.

Mainboard not sure on the temps of boards but mine is 28C...Again could be to the fans oreintation.

  tulix 17:51 24 Mar 2003

thankyou i will see if my cables r blocking movement

  Paranoid Android 18:21 24 Mar 2003

There is no way that your case is 66 degrees - that would burn your hand. This is a sensor fault, or maybe picking up the wrong sensor.

Your CPU is higer than ideal but well inside the 'safe' zone.


  tulix 18:30 24 Mar 2003

ok maybe thats true Android so wot do you suggest i use to check everything a ok

  Paranoid Android 18:40 24 Mar 2003

Hi Tulix,

1) Common sense. Put your hand near the case fan outlet (with the PC warm and the case on) and feel the temperature of the air coming out, it should feel cool. (Air output from power supply fans can be warm, this is quite normal.)

2) Check all your fans are working correctly and remove any build up of dust, air dusters (pressurised air cans) are very good for this. DO NOT USE A PAINTBRUSH anywhere near circuitry.

3) Clean the motherboard and expansion cards with compressed air to prevent an insulating blanket of dust accumulating.

4) If your system is stable don't worry too much. However if you have upgraded your CPU and are getting random lockups and crashes after the PC has been on for a whilem this can be an indicator of temperature problems.

5) Thermal probes are available as a last resort.

6) Which software monitor are you using, MBM5 is very good but it needs to be set up correctly.

7) Remember that on board sensors are rarely totally accurate.


  tulix 18:50 24 Mar 2003

OK marvin thankyou for your input on this problem.I have had this pc for about a year now and never had a problem with it.Just out of interest i used a second sensor monitor from the site of the makers of my board.This is called pc alert 4.My board is a click here i got the same result with this

  tulix 19:03 24 Mar 2003

Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 6.00 PG 07/19/2002 sry didnt include this in the link

  tulix 19:24 24 Mar 2003

just had a look around on the net and from wot i can gather everything is a ok with my board temp. Go figure

  tulix 19:25 24 Mar 2003

just had a look around on the net and from wot i can gather everything is a ok with my board temp. Go figure

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