Heart Internet dedicated server

  Taran 13:35 17 Sep 2008

Anyone got one ?

If so, how have things been throughout, from setup and implementation to ongoing support ?

  Forum Editor 18:40 17 Sep 2008

about to take the plunge, but that's of no help to you at all. I've been a Heart Reseller for several years now, and if they provide the same standard of service on their dedicated servers I'll be very happy.

  Taran 09:22 18 Sep 2008

a Windows server ?

Their Linux Dual Core dedicated server is winking at me, but I would rather see it cost more and have cPanel or similar already installed.

Many of my clients like to use cPanel and I'm not terribly interested in installing it at the moment, being a naturally lazy hack.

Root access and WebMin is more than enough for me to be going on with, but some of my clients REALLY like their control panel, so....

  Taran 16:50 02 Oct 2008

... I've been wrestling with this for a while and the clincher for me at the moment is this:

there is no direct upgrade path between Heart reseller accounts and a Heart dedicated server.

When Heart have changed/upgraded hardware in the past they have migrated some of my resold accounts to different servers. They do not offer a similar service to move from a reseller account to a dedicated server, or so their sales department tell me.

Manually shifting a whole bunch of sites and databases holds little appeal at the moment.

I have no problem with managing the server and so on, but by not having some kind of direct upgrade path available there is no real incentive to use a Heart dedicated server over one from another provider.

Stick or twist ?

  Forum Editor 22:51 02 Oct 2008

I'm being deterred by the thought of having to shift everything onto a new server myself. I'm interested in a Linux server, but frankly I don't have the time or the inclination to act as the moving man at the moment, and I'll probably end up opting for the status quo.

Maybe, sometime in the new year, I'll feel more enthusiastic, but for now I'm sticking.

  HighTower 16:57 03 Oct 2008

I'm still toying with the idea, but like you all I really don't have the time to do a manual transfer.

I'm a little frustrated of late with the performance of database driven sites on Heart's reseller package, but then when you look at what you pay I suppose you can't expect miracles. I'll stick with them though.

  Taran 11:34 04 Oct 2008

I've noticed regular lag this last couple of months where pages are sometimes slow to load from data driven sites on their reseller packages.

Static pages seems uanffected.

If I have to manually move all the sites on my reseller account it makes no real sense to only consider Heart for a dedicated server. There are several very good dedicated server providers out ther who charge a similar amount - some offer more and some less.

My only real incentive was that I have been pretty happy with Heart overall but the lack of direct upgrade path puts me (and others like you and FE) right back to square one.

Maybe I should look upon the up and coming silly season (translate to Christmas) as an opportunity to do the move. Ample chance for DNS and other nonsense to iron out while most people won't be in a position to notice any minor downtime.

There are always minor teathing problems when you move a load of sites from server to server, no matter how thorough you are, so maybe Christmas is the only realistic time to consider it.

  HighTower 11:14 05 Oct 2008

You're probably right. The smaller ones could maybe go over at a rate of a couple a week, but the more complex ones would probably be better off moving when you have a few days leeway in case things go horribly wrong - which they so often can!

So who would you consider other than Heart then? You're right - I was drawn to the reseller package on value and recommendations, but if I'm considering a dedicated host then this opens up more potential suppliers.

What's the main reasons for you wanting a dedicated host? Do you think that moving to the Heart dedicated host will speed things up, or do you think that as they are still all on the same network we'll not see too much of a boost in performance, just flexibility?

  Taran 21:38 05 Oct 2008

My reasons for a dedicated server is to expand on what I already have (greedy of me I know).

At present I'm hosting a large number of sites on dedicated servers and across two reseller accounts. Only one of those involves a UK company since I spent the last couple of years working in America/Canada almost solely for American/Canadian companies and using hosting services over there.

Now that I'm back in the UK for the foreseeable future and pretty much retired (apart from when something interesting happens along...) I'm looking to shift things to the UK, for absolutely no good reason really.

I currently run one Windows IIS/.NET managed server, one Windows IIS/ColdFusion managed server and two LAMP reseller accounts for my various sites (there are a fair few of them). There is nothing wrong with the servers and only one reseller account is experiencing minor performance issues, but I'd like to tidy things up a little and to do so I really need a dedicated LAMP server.

Being a naturally lazy hack I'd happily pay more and go for a managed server. Having spent years running Windows and Linux servers I am delighted to have someone else do the running so that I can simply use the server. That said, managing my own LAMP box presents no real challenges, and at present I have the luxury of not having an urgent need to move.

I was mainly attracted to the Heart server in the mistaken belief that there would be a deal to be done for existing site/account migration. Since that is not an option, Heart need not take first place in the list of possible server suppliers.

There are several very interesting options in the UK, and a great many in the USA if your goal does not include keeping the business domestic.

Have a look on uk.tophosts.com for some interesting information on comparative providers.

Your needs will probably differ to mine and not all options apply, so specifying your own options is one possibility or taking on more (or less) available features from a server provider is another possibility.

All I would really say at this point is make sure you need a dedicated server before taking the plunge, especially if you have to manage it yourself. A good VPS is often a quantum leap forward to anyone currently challenging a reseller account.

For my own part the servers I have in America/Canada have no issues whatsoever and, in fact, I could easily exceed what Heart are offering in terms of a LAMP box at a similar or even lower cost from either of my current providers over there. There's a slightly irrational side to me that seems to be driving me towards shipping everything back home to the UK, whether I need to or not.

Go figure...

  HighTower 18:50 13 Oct 2008

Just out of interest, how are you finding server speed over the last few days?

I have had a couple of customers call me and ask if there is a problem as their dynamic sites have been so slow, and I have noticed this myself but thought it could be my connection.

I may move to another host if this is the standard - I don't mind paying more for something that really works. I don't want to jump the gun though and assume that it is them when it could be the path it takes to Hearts servers which is causing the lag.

  Forum Editor 23:54 13 Oct 2008

I can't say that I have noticedthe performance issues you (or your clients) mentioned, and I certainly haven't had any similar feedback from my own clients.

I tend to share Taran's feelings about the lack of enthusiasm on the part of Heart with regard to site migration - like him I feel that, as a consequence, a Heart server isn't vying for first place in my current thinking on dedicated server choice. Also like him, I have some sites hosted in America and have this inner voice that tells me to get them this side of the water - for no good reason other than wanting them on my doorstep. Taran and I go way back, and it seems that we're both developing a touch of irrational insularity in our old age - not good for 21st century IT people.

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