Heard of this virus?

  porci 16:57 27 Jan 2004

Hi all. I know there is a lot on virus, but I cant find anything on this one:
I have the latest update of AVG and it hasnt picked it up. Neither have any of the large corps that I sent the email to. Could it be that the admin at this email add is mistaken

  y_not 17:04 27 Jan 2004

From Symantec website they say it has various names: -

W32/[email protected] [McAfee], WORM_MIMAIL.R [Trend]

but they list it as [email protected]

  Taff36 17:08 27 Jan 2004

[email protected]" title="http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

This one even!

  Jester2K 17:08 27 Jan 2004

What EXACTLY has happened?

  Taff36 17:09 27 Jan 2004

click here Sorry about that.

  Simsy 17:13 27 Jan 2004

2 AVG updates today...

worth checking again.



  Belatucadrus 17:15 27 Jan 2004

Mimail.r aka Mydoom aka Novarg.a is the latest big mass mail worm, plenty of postings on it

click here

click here

  johnnyrocker 17:20 27 Jan 2004

mi mail has been about for a few eeks not to be confused with the latest ones.


  porci 17:53 27 Jan 2004

Jester2K - I sent out a query to a bunch of people via a web site (so not from my mailbox). One of the admin mails came back saying that I had the virus. But I dont know how the website sets its mail up. It did ask for my mail add, but I dont know if it has the abaility to actually generate it from my mailbox? Is it possible?

  Jester2K 07:25 28 Jan 2004

I don't know. Was it a form or did a Outlook (Express) window pop up?

  Gaz 25 23:53 28 Jan 2004

click here for information on the MyDoom variants.

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