Headphones and spectacles

  VCR97 20:47 21 Jul 2004

Does anyone know of a supplier of headphones which are designed for prolonged use by wearers of spectacles? The side frames of my specs are pressed against my skull by my present 'phones even though the 'phones have soft noise-excluders.Very uncomfortable.

  johnnyrocker 21:30 21 Jul 2004

there are several earphone which hang down as opposed to overhead, such as used in call centres try a click here


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:31 21 Jul 2004

have you tried the "in ear" type headphones common for walkmans etc.

  byfordr 22:02 21 Jul 2004

Got some Sennheiser PMX-60 which have the band behind your head. Fairly comfortable with specs or sunnies.


  VCR97 18:41 22 Jul 2004

Thanks for those suggestions. That gives me some leads.

  wint 20:37 22 Jul 2004

I know you've ticked as resolved but....

What do you use the headphones for? Is it listening or communication?

I quite often spend most of a working day with headphones (listening as opposed to communication) and find Sennheiser HD25 click here comfortable with glasses and they give a pretty faithful response - with possibly a little more bass than some of the competition.

They aren't cheap, listing at about £189.
DJStore (I am not a DJ!) seem to be the cheapest retail that a 5 minute web search has found at £119 inc. click here

HD25 are not the same as the HD25SP.

The SP model are a lot cheaper but not quite as comfortable. The headband splits apart (see the pic) on the HD25 to hold them on yer head better but not on the HD25SP. The SP uses a "slightly different capsule design" according Sennheiser.

Also, on the HD25, the double cable comes out of the right earphone only whereas on the SP, left cable comes out of left and right cable comes out of right earphone.

Might not sound much but the double cable gets caught on things and pulls your glasses off!

I think the extra cash for the HD25 is well worth it - if you use them a lot. Otherwise it would be an extravagance...

Mmmm, that was a lot wasn't it?

  wint 20:42 22 Jul 2004

I wrote:
"Might not sound much but the double cable gets caught on things and pulls your glasses off!"

What I meant was "the twin cable of the HD25SP gets caught and pulls your glasses off!"


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