Headphones for laptop!

  Fullywired 12:14 13 Jun 2004

my dad recently bought a sony vaio laptop and its great! he wants to use it to play DVDs in the back of the car to keep us occupied on our many trips to france, however, aswell as this he does not want to be disturbed by the sound so the obvious choice is headphones, ther is only one problem, theres 3 of us ant one headphone socket! my dad is not too bothered about the cost but he does want a good deal, so what are our options? theres radio headphones but can we get 3 on the same frequency? theres bluetooth headphones but can we use 3 at once? also theres a splitter but where to get one??
any help much opreciated

  howard60 12:23 13 Jun 2004

Novatech sell most of what you want - my guess is that bluetooth could supply all the headsets as long as they were all tuned to the same setup.

  ste_bla 12:28 13 Jun 2004

Goto click here and seach for HEADPHONE SPLITTER in box at top left. However a local small should do something just as good

  Fullywired 13:46 13 Jun 2004

thanks, ill take a look, any other help still appreciated though

  Graham ® 14:28 13 Jun 2004

A better solution would be a mixer, so each listener can adjust their volume. Ideally a battery (rechargeable) powered one, but this is 12 volts, so a suitable cigarette lighter lead would be needed.

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