tried 13:43 30 Dec 2007

Hi guys
I need a new set of good quality ones Altec or Bose at around £100. The impedence of my amp. on the headphone jack is 100 ohms, all the headphones appear to be much lower at around 16/30 ohms or inpedance not quoted Bose dont! It would be nice if they were good quality in my Sony DAB radio as well! they dont quote a phone output impedance either! Any advice greatfully acepted?

  Technotiger 14:03 30 Dec 2007
  DieSse 14:14 30 Dec 2007

Really good selection here click here

Impedances vary wildly - I don't believe an exact match is necessary for headphones - I'd go for something in the 60 - 150? range

  DieSse 14:21 30 Dec 2007

Sorry - the Omega (ohms) symbol doesn't come out correctly.

  tried 15:17 30 Dec 2007

Sorry, DieSse cant find the "ohms symbol" on the keyboard so I typed ohms instead!

  wee eddie 16:24 30 Dec 2007

If memory serves me right.

Don't use anything that is below the recommended Resistance as it will cause the Circuit to over heat.

Better check that, but I think that I'm right.

  tried 17:25 30 Dec 2007

good point that Wee! I guess what Im trying to get at is will a miss-match between the phones and source matter from a quality point of view. Checking that line out as well Technotiger so far they are all 32 ohms whey under the 100 ohm O/P of the amp. Thanks for your help lads Im getting there slow but sure!!

  wjrt 17:31 30 Dec 2007
  DieSse 17:46 30 Dec 2007

Impedance matching with headphones is really not that important - though it will affect the volume somewhat.

Plenty on the web that tells you its pretty much OK - thats why there is such a wide range of headphone impedances.

  DieSse 17:49 30 Dec 2007

I thought these click here looked very good.

In your DAB radio good headphones will be overkill as UK DAB broadcasting is poorly implemented - usually FM is better.

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