Wispaf 19:58 05 Nov 2007

I am looking for a means of using headphones from a tv without turning off the tvs sound. I need to be able to hear and adjust the sound in the headphones independently to the tv sound which I also need to be able to hear.

  skidd 20:16 05 Nov 2007

Just check out all the headphones on the market - there are several that have an inline volume control (eg check out click here and look at their Premium Stereo Headset @ £19.99). However if your TV speakers are disconnected when you plug in the headphones there's nothing you can do about it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 05 Nov 2007

1. does the TV have a headphone sockt?
2. if so does this socket kill the sound if phones plugged in?

Being a deaf old codger (wifes' term not mine) I sometimes use a pair of wireless headphones.

Have on / off and volume control on phones
wife can have TV / stereo on low, I can have phones on high and not disturb anyone else.

Use a mains powered base plugged to TV and rechargeable batteries in Phones that recharge when phones on base not in use.

Make are Well Tech purchased from Lidal / Aldi approx £17 when they have them in.

You can also get a scart adaptor to plug into if your TV does not have headphone socket.

  wjrt 22:42 05 Nov 2007

click here
selection of phones etc here

Just registered and find this thread.
It's good to read as I too am quiet deaf.
I have a cordless headphone set for the main house TV.
Fortunately when I bought the TV some years ago now it already had a separate headphone system, ie it's own volume control and it doesn't cut out the main speakers so that is fine but I have a new digital set in my bedroom with no obvious headphone socket, I have yet to sort something out so this thread might help me.

  Technotiger 08:38 09 Nov 2007

Welcome to the best Forum on the 'net. If the TV in your bedroom has at least one Scart socket you could connect headphones via one of these adapters. This adapter has Scart in at one end Scart out at the other, and as you can see it also has the usual three A/V sockets plus one Svideo and a Switch.

<a href="click here" target="_blank"><img src="click here"

Should be available at any elec/audio/video shop on the High Street, like Maplins or similar.

For your further edification (and I am not telling you off here - 'cos the more the merrier) when you have any question for the Forum you should always start your own Thread - what you have done here is known as 'Hyjacking' another members Thread which can sometimes cause confusion, and is much frowned upon. Anyway, enjoy the Forum, and come back and ask as many questions as you like, anytime day or night!

PS - 1935 ... me too :-)

  Technotiger 08:45 09 Nov 2007

BTW the audio sockets on the adapter are Phono-sockets while the plug(s) on your headphones may be 3.5 mini-plugs - adapters to suit are also available at the same shops.

  Technotiger 08:46 09 Nov 2007

Exactly the same Adapter as shown above would suit your purposes too.

  umbongo(uk) 12:40 09 Nov 2007

hears some i found
amplifiing headsets tht dont need to be plugged in to jack socket
work on a similar principle as hearing aid devices

click here
click here
click here
click here

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