User-394903 01:17 19 Jan 2006

I have a pair of Vivanco Air Space SR222T headphones that are in perfect working condition that are used for listening to radio/tapes/cd's when linked up to a JVC sterio system.

On the front of my pc is a socket for the h/phones. When I connect the phones to the pc there is no sound from them when playing cd's. I am running winxp with sp2

Any ideas what can be the problem.

Thank you in advance

  Totally-braindead 01:21 19 Jan 2006

The connector you are talking about, is this on the actual PC case or on the CDROM drive?

  User-394903 01:39 19 Jan 2006

Hi Totally-braindead
It' on the front of the cd rom drive

  User-394903 01:48 19 Jan 2006

...I've just played a cd and it comes through the monitor speakers. As I understand it when the h/phones are connected to the front of the pc, this action should disconnect the monitor speakers.

  WhiteTruckMan 07:52 19 Jan 2006

some monitors with built in speakers also have a socket for this purpose. I suggest you first look there. If its a tft screen then it might be hidden in some nice, user unfriendly plaace.

On the subject of the socket on the front of the case, perhaps they aren't connected inside the case. or if they are, some boards require changing some jumpers on the board before they will work correctly-it's not (usually) simply a bios setting.

Lastly, I know its a silly suggestion, but lots of cases with front sockets also have a microphone socket as well. could you be inadvertantly be plugging into this instead?


  DieSse 14:12 19 Jan 2006

The headphone socket on the front of the drive will only ever reproduce sound from audio CDs - not MP3 files or the like.

If the CD sound is set to digital in the drive properties, you will probably not even get analogue sound from this socket.

There's normally also a volume control on the drive - have you tried adjusting it.

The best place for you headphones is either a socket on the front of the tower itself (if there is one, and it's wired up - or an output on the rear of the tower - which you may have to share with the loudspeakers, which can be readily done via a socket doubler.

  User-394903 01:16 23 Jan 2006

Thanks guys,
There are 2 drives on the front of my pc. One is for cd's the other for dvd's. No matter which of the 2 I use, there is no sound from either of them. I have also tried the rear of the pc with no joy. If that means I have to remove the cover to investigate, then I will leave it in abeyance as I am not exactly sure as to what I am looking for.
Thank you.

  DieSse 16:49 23 Jan 2006

*I have also tried the rear of the pc with no joy.*

Are you saying that the headphones produce no sound when plugged into the same place as the speakers - yet the speakers work?

  User-394903 00:20 24 Jan 2006

Hi DieSse,
My speakers are built in to the monitor, so there
are 2 leads. The thick one goes from the monitor to the pc. The thinner one which is part of the monitor connection to the rear of the pc, goes to the socket for the speakers. If I remove the speaker jack plug and replace it with the jack plug for the h/p's, the h/p's work perfectly. But that is not what I'm after. I want to play the c/d's and listen to them by plugging into the drive socket which is located on the front of the drive face. As I have said earlier that will be for another time when I know exactly what I'm loking for.

This is the 2nd time I've typed, the 1st one got lost when I clicked on the bar at the bottom of the screen.

  DieSse 00:28 24 Jan 2006

Did you look at the setting I mentioned earlier?

  DieSse 00:43 24 Jan 2006

You can get a socket doubler/splitter for the rear of the system, so that both headphones and the monitor speakers can be connected at the same time - then you can simply turn down the monitor sound.

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