Headphone/microphone problems

  Mick C 21:48 03 May 2003

I have just purchased a set of headphones with microphone and have plugged the two jacks into the relevant sockets. However, there is no sound from the headset and the microphone do not work?? Any suggestions as to what to do to correct the problem gratefully received.
NB the headphones do work in other equipment..

  Totally-braindead 22:06 03 May 2003

Check that the audio in and out are not muted. In Win98 you do this by right clicking on the audio speaker at the bottom of your screen and click adjust audio properties, make sure the mic and the speakers are enabled and the check open volume controls and ensure they aren't muted. As an afterthought also check that you have the jackplugs for the headset in the correct sockets as well.

  DieSse 01:16 04 May 2003

Is this on the front of the cabinet or the back??

  hugh-265156 01:44 04 May 2003

make sure that its connected as above to the correct socket ie line mic socket then go to control panel/sounds and audio devices/volume/advanced/options/properties/playback tick all the boxes do the same only for recording and adjust the sliders accordingly.

  Mick C 23:38 12 May 2003

Sorry it's taken so long to respond. Yes I've already tried the above suggetions(thanks)but the problem remains??
The problem is at the back of the unit. I have tried all combinations of jacks to sockets and the volume control/properties etc to no avail. The microphone does work when I plug into the internal modem socket and rang myself using "Fax/Talk Communicator". The headphones work when I plug them into the CD ROM at the front.
They just don't work when plugged into the same card where the speakers (which do work) are plugged into?
Any suggestions?

  DieSse 23:54 12 May 2003

Do you have sockets at the front - do they work. Often it's either the front or back, not both.

Do your speakers work? - the same socket should be used for the headphone normally.

Ususally the headphone goes into the green socket, and mic into the red.

  Mick C 17:42 13 May 2003

Yes there is a socket (which works) on the front of the CD ROM. The speakers are plugged into the back and do work. I am having a problem with the two sockets next to the speaker socket. These are colour coded and I'm certain I have conected these up properly, but if you think that I can have either front or back but not both, why is this? Can I switch from the front CD ROM to the sound card at the back? Cheers...

  DieSse 18:19 13 May 2003

No, I don't mena on the CD at the front - I mean proper inout/output sockets on a front panel on the tower (possibly under a flap) - do you have those.

Please describe what you have at the rear of the tower. Are the sockets on the motherboard - or on a seperate plug-in card. How many sockets are ther, and what colour are they. If they're on the motherboard, what motherboard is it - if on a sound card - what sound card is it.

If there's three sockets on the motherboard, nearly always they're ... green at the top (headphone and/or speakers ... Blue in the middle (line-in)- you would not use this one with headphones ... red at the bottom (microphone).

In this layout, the headphones would use the green socket (may have to use an adapter to share with the speakers) - the microphone the red socket.

  Mick C 15:27 18 May 2003

The sockets are all at the back, which are laid out as follows...

top - green socket with Speaker symbol.. the speakers work ok
middle - blue socket with headphone symbol - does not work when headphone plug is plugged in.
bottom - red socket with microphone symbol which again does not work with mic plug plugged in.

The motherboard is a ECS Elitegroup Mainboard, and the sound card is an AVANCE AC 97.Don't ask me to be any more techy than that.

From what you say it seems an adapter may be needed for the headphones- recommend any?.. but what about the mic?


  hugh-265156 15:42 18 May 2003

plug in your mic and headphones.(unplug the speakers and put the headphones in that socket)plug the mic into the red socket.go to start/run and type dxdiag now click on the network tab and then on direct play voice options and run the wizard.it will test it for you.if it doesnt work try changing the sockets and try again.

  Mick C 22:05 19 May 2003

Nope did'nt work. The dianostic result said the test was successful - but I did not hear anything?

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