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  andrewtdk 17:13 07 Feb 2009


Ive just bought a headset for gaming and tryed to plug it in to the headphone socket on the front of the computer and it doesnt work, sound just keeps coming out of the speakers (ive tested the headphones and they do work)

I have a soundcard in the pc and when i plug the headphones in there they do work but its hard to get to and would be much better if the slot on the front of the computer wokred.

Id be grateful for any help if anyone has any ideas. Someone said i may need to set the headphones as the default device in control panel? but i cant work out how to do this so if anyone knows how would be great so i can give it a try

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:42 07 Feb 2009

vista click here

XP click here

select your front panel at the appropriate points

  andrewtdk 18:15 07 Feb 2009

Cheers for the reply, ive looked at that but doesnt work for me. All the way through i can just hear the sound from my computer speakers. I was hoping that when i put my headphones in it would override the speakers like it usually does so i dont have to keep unpluging the speakers every time. Do you think it is likely to be a driver problem with my sound card?

  DieSse 18:28 07 Feb 2009

I suspect the front panel connectors aren't wired up at all, or are wired up wrongly.

Have a look inside and see if the wires go anywhere.

  andrewtdk 18:57 07 Feb 2009

Ive checked the wires and as far as i can see they all look fine. Cant really remember but i think before i got my soundcard it worked. Is it possible that my sound card overrides these? as this headphones slot ans the one on the mother board on the back of the computer dont work but the slot on my soundcard works if i take my speaker cables out. Is it possible to diable my soundcard in device manager or something? i was wondering if i did this they may then work.

Thanks for the responses guys

  DieSse 21:16 07 Feb 2009

"Is it possible that my sound card overrides these?"


If you disable the sound card, and enable the on-board sound, then everything should work fine.

What happens is that the output from the on-board sound goes to the rear on-board sockets, via the front sockets, which have a switch inside them . When you connect the headphones, putting in the connector opens the switch, cutting off the rear sockets, and letting the sound signal flow into the headphones.

If you don't use this route, but have a sound card, then none of this can happen.

What sound card do you have, as an alternative working arrangement may be possible.

Alternatively, I use USB headphones which do the switch via software, so don't rely on the physical wiring.

  andrewtdk 22:00 07 Feb 2009

Cheers for the help, the sound card i have isnt great its a C-Media soundcard. Just bought the headphones today so its a shame they havent worked.

I doubt ill be able to work out the sound card with it not exactly being a popular make so it sounds like ill be best off buying either a new sound card or a usb headset.

Any idea of the price of a usb headset and do you think theres a better choice out of the new sound card or new headset or is it just down to personal preference?

Your help is much appreciated, cheers

  DieSse 23:37 07 Feb 2009

Why not just use the on-board sound - I've done so for many years, and music sounds just fine through my 2.i speakers or the Logitech USB headset. It should be just as good as a cheap C-Media card IMO.

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