Headphone jack to PC audio jack.

  gengiscant 12:55 11 Dec 2010

rEcently posted this click here and eventually bought this click here
Next question can I just connect the headphone socket of the recording unit to the PC audio socket using something like this click here
If so which colour socket would I insert the jack into on the PC?

  woodchip 13:17 11 Dec 2010

If the Recorder as a output jack, you need by one that as that size of jack, also check if it needs stereo or mono to a input jack that is stereo to fit the input of the Laptop i.e microphone jack socket

  woodchip 13:19 11 Dec 2010

The one in the Click hear is okay if the one on the Recorder is stereo and that it a out put socket, not input. if its output you can connect headphones to it

  gengiscant 13:36 11 Dec 2010

The one in the unit is a headphone socket,so obviously a output, my question is can I use the cable shown to connect the recorder to my pc so that I can transfer recordings and the convert to an mp3 or whatever. If so what colour port on my PC?

  woodchip 15:34 11 Dec 2010

Yes if the recorder is Stereo, as "the cable in you link is stereo and the Laptop Mic is stereo", that only leaves the question on is the jack in the recorder Stereo or Mono

  woodchip 15:36 11 Dec 2010

PC Input or Mic that you plug into

  gengiscant 15:40 11 Dec 2010

I give up.

  gengiscant 15:49 11 Dec 2010

Meant to add, bought this instead. Sorted.click here

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