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  0000jb0000 18:50 31 Oct 2007

I want to print 31 copies of my document with a title and date on. The first copy reading 1st Jan 2007 the second reading 2nd Jan 2007 all the way through to 31st Jan 2007. How do I do it. Someone must now!!! Thanks. I'm running windows xp home

  johnnyrocker 18:57 31 Oct 2007

what word docs are you using?


  I am Spartacus 19:14 31 Oct 2007

Are you using 'Insert Auto Text'


  0000jb0000 20:58 31 Oct 2007

Hi i'm just using microsoft word. I'm not sure what 'insert auto text' is.

  I am Spartacus 21:02 31 Oct 2007

Select View, Header and Footer then from the tab that opens choose 'Insert AutoText'.

You then have options to select what you insert.

Are you trying to do this in Word? If not what program are you using?

  I am Spartacus 21:03 31 Oct 2007

Sorry, You are using Word

  0000jb0000 21:30 31 Oct 2007

No, tried it using auto text, but all my sheets print off with the same date on.

  recap 22:18 31 Oct 2007

You may have to us VB scripting to do this function. click here and see if there is anything that could help, if not click the link for Assistance on the right of the page.

  Taff™ 13:34 01 Nov 2007

I would simply use the Mailmerge Feature in Word. Open Excel and in cell A1 type Date and in Cell A2 type 1 January 2007. Format the cell by right clicking it and selecting Date Format and the last option in the right hand box. Now drag that date down column A and you have the Calender. Now highlight all the dates and select copy, then select Paste Special and select "Values". Save & close the Excel File.

Open your Word Document and select View>Toolbars and select Mailmerge. Now go to Tools>Options and on the general tab tick "Confirm file conversion on open" and Field shading "Always" from the drop down box.

From the Mailmerge toolbar select the second icon "Open Data Source" and navigate to the excel file. When the dialog box asks you to confirm select "MS Excel via DDE". Again from the toolbar select the sixth icon "Insert Merge Fields" and select Date then insert and close the dialog box.

Finally use the Merge to new document icon, (Hover over them to see the icon descriptions) - a new document will be created.

  0000jb0000 17:45 03 Nov 2007

Hi Taff, I must be doing something wrong. I typed date in A1 and 1 Jan 2007 in A2. When I right click there isnt a 'Date Format' for me to select. There is a 'Format cells' which I tried and which brings up a box, on the left hand side a list included 'date' so I selected that, on the right I selected the last option. When I drag the date down nothing happens!!! Anymore tips??

  WebBarbie 21:11 03 Nov 2007

I just opened an new excel document, typed 1st january 2007 into the 1st cell and hit enter.
Then hover over bottom right corner to get cross then drag down. This populates the cells below with consecutive dates - even without them being formatted as dates (which incidentally is via Format Cell, and selecting date)

Hope this helps

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