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  slightlymad 17:50 20 Feb 2006

I'm using an image for my header. As it's in the background of the header div, I can't create a hotspot for a link to the home page. I'm thinking of creating a transparent gif and positioning it over the area that contains the logo. Am I going about this in the right way?

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  slightlymad 01:15 21 Feb 2006

No suggestions... it's occured to me that peeps might think that I've purloined someone's work, as I'm clearly using a template.

This is in fact the template that Paul Dell is offering to anyone who contributes to his plight, which djinn brought attention to in an earlier thread: click here.

As I'm still learning CSS, it's ideal for me to use as an aid. I've made quite a few modifications, so although it's not all my own work, I've personalised it quite a bit.

Anyway, I think my transparent gif idea worked OK, but I won't tick as resolved just yet in case someone comes up with a better solution.

  quack 07:49 21 Feb 2006

If you are using Frontpage you will find hotspots on the Pictures Toolbar. Just select the one you want and draw over the area you wish to use for a hyperlink.

  slightlymad 11:26 21 Feb 2006

Thanks, quack, but that's the point - you can't draw a hotspot over a background image - not in Dreamweaver, anyway...

The logo is "ArtyIt", on the right of the header. I've inserted a 1-pixel transparent gif into the header and used absolute positioning to place it over the logo, giving dimensions to match the logo area.

I hope this makes sense! Anyway, it's given the result that I was after, so I'll now tick as resolved.


  djinn 16:17 21 Feb 2006

Nice work Slightly ;-)

And thank you on behalf of Paul Dell for taking the time and effort to help out.

One wee thing you might want to do - change the class of the top navigation li elements - change the class of all but the current page to 'one' - that'll clearly mark the page you are on. Rinse and repeat for your other pages when you do them.

I'll tell Paul that he has a contributer working on a site using his template - he'll be stoked, :-)

  slightlymad 17:47 21 Feb 2006

Rinse and repeat! Love it!

That will be the next part of my project. Thank you for making it so clear, djinn.

So you know Paul?! I gave him a link to your posting in the comments section of the payment page, which it now seems he was already aware of!

I must say that I think he's very talented - this template that I'm adapting is beautifully designed, and comes with a clean, clear stylesheet that's clearly annotated, and .png files that he's created in Fireworks. It's a real pleasure to work on, and I've learnt a lot from Paul's coding.

I very much doubt that this fiasco of a claim will ever appear in court, and there's no doubt at all that Dell will lose if it does, with a badly tarnished reputation to boot.

I'm just hoping that the media coverage will lead to the success that Paul deserves.


  djinn 20:03 21 Feb 2006

I've known Paul for anumber of years through various forums and newsgroups - he's just a regular punter like the rest of us - and really not deserving of the attention he's recieving from Dell.

Yep he's a very talented bloke - he's a bit of a CSS evangelist and can give you a hard time (with a sense of humour) if you don't code clean CSS ;-)

He thanks everyone who may have made a donation from the link posted in another thread here. The donations raised so far have been used at the first hearing in Paris - Le tribual de grande instance Paris for the initial hearing.

The Press are picking up the story - the fight goes on.......

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  slightlymad 20:16 21 Feb 2006

Interesting stuff, djinn. I'd like to be kept posted, so if if there's any more news do please mail me.

  djinn 22:22 21 Feb 2006

Sure thing :-)

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