header and footer information in Increimail?

  paddyjack 19:57 27 Feb 2005

I want to extract the header and footer information from an email to send on the the abuse deptartment at Tiscali. The problem is I do not know how to get at this info in Inredimail.

Anybody got any ideas please.

  Technotiger 20:37 27 Feb 2005

Hi, do your e-mails come via Hotmail?

  paddyjack 20:49 27 Feb 2005

No, its an old lineone account still in regular use, I have been on to Tiscali and part of there request was header and footer info.

Its not a major problem, just an email preporting to come from lineone saying I am sending out spam and viruses.

  Technotiger 20:59 27 Feb 2005

Hi again, you obviously have a case of spyware or similar - I would advise running any anti-spyware or Ad-Aware or virus programs that you may have. The e-mail is no doubt bogus.

I use Incredimail all the time, via hotmail, if I want headers/footers I get them from within hotmail.


  groundhog 21:05 27 Feb 2005

I can tell you how to get the header but I'dont know how to get the footer.

Right click on the e-mail and select properties select the tab foe details then it's just a case of copy and paste.

Hope this helps

  paddyjack 21:05 27 Feb 2005

Thanks Technotiger, well aware as to what it is, and its potential, but curosity has now got the better of me.

I will just bounce it back anyhow. But thanks again.

  paddyjack 21:07 27 Feb 2005

Thanks groundhog does the job a treat.

  Technotiger 21:10 27 Feb 2005

Hi, I don't think that works in Incredimail, though someone might prove me wrong. :-))


  Technotiger 21:11 27 Feb 2005

Ooooops - proved wrong already.......:-)))

  Technotiger 21:14 27 Feb 2005

Yeah - just tried it myself, in Incredimail - ya learn summit noo every day - even at my age. :-)

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