A head scratcher ... MCI error

  robh123 10:14 25 Feb 2003


I've done a major overhaul which until today I thought went perfect(aint that the way).

Windows XP Pro
Asus A7N8X mthrbrd.
Audigy II Pltnm.
DVD Plyr.

The problem is that all works perfectly apart from I've found today I can not play CD's! I can read data cd's; write cd's; play audio DVD! but it just won't play audio cd's!!

Two error messages:

In Windows Media Player: Invalid MCI device ID. Use the ID returned when opening the MCI device.

In Creative Media Source Player: 'There is another process holding on to the CDROM device. Try again once this has finished'.

Anyone? Any ideas?


Frustrated Bob :-(

  woodchip 10:20 25 Feb 2003

How old are the CD you are trying to play just a thought but I seem to have read that they are making new music CD’s as they will not play on Computer!!! so they cannot be copied

  powerless 10:23 25 Feb 2003

Whats your CD burning software?

You could also, within WMP go to Tools > Options > Devices > Select CD drive < properties > REcording > Take the tick out of "Enable Cd recording on this Drive"...

  robh123 10:24 25 Feb 2003

Thanks Woodchip. I've tried old ones, new ones. Still the same error messages.

  robh123 10:26 25 Feb 2003

Thanks Powerless. The CD writing is not the problem though. I can do that. I can't play audio CD's.

  powerless 10:29 25 Feb 2003

Yes i know...

But the burning software my have rights to the drive, it dont matter about if you want to burn a CD or not.

'There is another process holding on to the CDROM device. Try again once this has finished'

The burning software is the other process.

  Aspman 10:32 25 Feb 2003

Maybe worth removing and reinstalling the sound card drivers / software.

Not unknown for creative stuff to screw up.

  robh123 10:35 25 Feb 2003

Sincere apologise Powerchip.

I don't have any third party stuff installed. I use the XP inbuilt program.

Although I haven't got round all the software that came with the Audigy card. But I don't think it has any burning software.

  powerless 10:38 25 Feb 2003

oh dont think thats the problem then.

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