Head demagnetizer puzzle

  firegamp 11:02 10 Sep 2009

Hi all,
Please can anyone explain something I was given some time ago? It was a Fostex HD-10 head demagnetizer 50hz 6w. It is an oblong box with a power lead, a hold-down switch and a "wand" 3 to 4 inches long sticking out of one end. The tip of this wand has a short section angled slightly downward (or upward!) Is it to be used on a reel-to-reel or cassette recorder, and if so how. How the heck does it work, and how do I find out if it DOES work, without ruining something expensive? I don't want to throw it away if it's usable. Thanks in advance. firegamp.

  johndrew 11:35 10 Sep 2009

From what I can gather, this equipment is used to demagnetise (degauss) heads on tape to tape recorders amoungst (presumably) other equipment.

This link gives some clues as to the wheres and why-fores
click here

How you check it I have no real idea - presumably with another piece of test equipment. I haven`t been able to fond a manual for the Fostex unit but I did find one for a RadioShack item which may give a clue click here

Hope this helps.

  firegamp 14:12 10 Sep 2009

Sorted! The Gearwire article was particularly helpful and so practical that I've saigned up for the newsletter. RadioShack helped too, though their equipment was a demagnetizing casasette. Thanks John firegamp

  ambra4 02:38 02 Oct 2009

Don’t forget to tick the box and click resolved

  firegamp 09:31 02 Oct 2009

Oops! Sorry! And thanks to all firegamp

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