HDMI Problem

  ened 16:45 11 May 2011

I plugged my HDMI cable into both laptop and TV.

A box appeared on both screens offering three options. One was use both screens simultaneously and the one I opted for was TV live and Laptop [screen] turned off.

I now wish to change this but cannot find a way back to those options.

I thought about a System Restore but the most recent Restore Point was last November and I am reluctant to go that far back.

I need to change this back because once the cable is plugged in I cannot revert back to the laptop even if I unplug the [HDMI] lead.

Can some kind soul point me in the right direction because I have looked everywhere and am beginning to think it was a one off setting.

  Woolwell 16:49 11 May 2011

Which laptop?

There is probably a function key that will allow you to toggle between these settings eg laptop + TV, laptop only, TV only. The TV will be treated as an external monitor.

  ened 17:02 11 May 2011

Hi Woolwell

It is a Compaq CQ60.

If you are correct it is no wonder I couldn't find the solution in Windows.

One thing though, I turned it on and it failed to boot into Windows. Not realising this I was just about to plug in the HDMI cable (thinking it had booted and was still trying to use the tv) when I turned it off. As I turned it back on I got the Repair screen, although I opted for booting normally and it has been alright since, apart from this problem that once connected to the tv it will not revert back.

  ened 17:04 11 May 2011

One more question I would like answering: is it okay to connect the HDMI when the machines are running?

  Woolwell 17:17 11 May 2011

This is for Vista but should be the same for W7 - How to set up tv You will want either mirrored or extended desktop. Looking for which function key.

  Woolwell 17:24 11 May 2011

Try F5 - it should have 2 rectangles/monitor symbols on it.

  ened 17:40 11 May 2011

I have really messed it up and am currently back on my main machine.

I inadvertently enabled both tv and monitor (seemingly as one screen rather than mirror) and was all over the place. I am running a System Restore to the one I created earlier, hoping that will at least get me back to where I was.

Once I achieve that I shall start looking for the key you mention.

Thanks for your help with this.

  ened 17:53 11 May 2011


System Restore didn't restore the original Display settings but the F4 key toggled the display in use.

I have now managed to access all options.

Thanks very much Woolwell

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