HDMI no good for hires monitor?????

  user1964 17:25 17 Mar 2009

Can anyone tell me why I'm having problems with HDMI vs DVI and VGA at 1920x1080 on a native 1920x1080 monitor? Both DVI and VGA display great (VGA slightly 'softer' than DVI naturally but still 'pin sharp resolution'). However when I use the HDMI output on my laptop (XBOX360 similar problem)the image is very soft and poor quality for PC use. The best I can describe is that with DVI and VGA its like using a 2H pencil for letters and lines whereas with HDMI its like using a 2B pencil - darker an slightly fuzzy. You can see a similar thing if you set a pc output to lower than the native resolution of a monitor.The monitor needs to scale it and therefore its not as sharp.

I thought that HDMI and DVI produced the same/very similar datastream as far as the video was concerned. However I've used several monitors from different manufacturers and have had issues with image quality. The current range I'm using is LG M2394D (native 1920x1080) and previously Samsung T240/t260/HD ranges (native 1920 x 1200).

The image issue is only when using it as a monitor. It is not apparant with gaming or DVD/BluRay because the images are not static long enough to see the softness (actually all the monitors have been quite good for movies and games).

One extra thing I noted was that with DVI and VGA the monitors reported 1920x1080 but through HDMI they reported 1080p. This suggests to me that when connected via HDMI the higher level of signal processing within for HDMI (to cope with amyriad of video sources)is degrading the signal and that instead of displaying a simple pixel:pixel image it is actually scaling it and treating it as if it were not the native resolution. AS yest I haven't had a manufacturer admit/comfirm/deny this. In fact the only thing I've ever got it that they deny that thare is a problem.

Any info would be grately appreciated as this is driving me mad!!!!

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