HDMI leadsI

  ponytail 13:01 19 Jan 2008

I know this is not a computer related question but I thought someone out there might know the answer.If I connect my Tv to my BT Vision box using a HTMI lead would I still have to use the scart leads.Would the HTMI lead replace the scart leads I use at present.My Tv is HD ready and has all the relevant sockets.

  anskyber 14:48 19 Jan 2008

Yes. HDMI replaces scart but you can use both if you wish. The key is to tell the TV to use the HDMI (usually through the AV input selector) and make sure the output box is configured ( if needed) to output through the HDMI. The menu should help you there.

  anskyber 14:56 19 Jan 2008

See also "SCART / Coax output not working" comment here click here

  anskyber 15:01 19 Jan 2008

Finally, read page 41 of the user guide. click here

  Ikelos 17:31 19 Jan 2008

as has been said above the HDMI lead replaces all the other leads. well worth getting the lead.

mine works ace................

  ponytail 08:09 20 Jan 2008

Thanks guys will get the lead online.Just one more question.I have three appliances DVD Recorder,Vision Box and TVand they are all interconnected (big word)Would I need two HDMI leads ie one to replace each scart lead or would one be enough.

  ponytail 08:19 20 Jan 2008

I have just tried to log onto the PC Advisor web site and was unable to get in.I have a shortcut on my desktop and I also put the site name into my browser with no luck.Got the following error message...This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.

For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.
I logged in through my email account.

Any ideas anyone

  anskyber 09:40 20 Jan 2008

Try this TV connection wizard found by Stuartli. click here

I would say that unless all your kit has been set up to "speak" to each other you will need two connections one each from the DVD recorder and the Vision box.

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