HDDs Intermittently Recognised.

  dregn 10:45 12 Nov 2005

I am upgrading a friend's PC and have problems with intermittent recogition of the 2 HDDs at bootup.

ABIT IC7-G Max II motherboard
Intel P4 2.6 CPU
2x120GB Samsung IDE drives.(PATA)

On booting, some of the time the HDDs are recognised and sometimes not. Sometimes only the master drive shows.
I have gone into the BIOS and checked everything that relates to the drives.
By removing the IDE connectors and refitting them I am able to force the system to boot normally with both drives recognised.
The Samsung drives are a year old and the PC is running WinXP SP2.
Once booted the system is fine. I am considering resetting the CMOS and replacing the battery, just in case that may have a positive effect.
Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated.

  Stuartli 10:52 12 Nov 2005

The battery is highly unlikely to be the problem - I've never had to replace one in 10 years of owning a home system that has been upgraded as and when necessary.

The connections seem to be the most likely cause. Have you tried replacing the current cables, perhaps with the round type which will also improve air flow through the case?

  dregn 12:16 12 Nov 2005


Thanks for that.
I am using new rounded ( ABIT ) cables but I have swapped them with another rounded cable just in case, without effect. So the cables would appear to be OK.
I have bought a replacement CR2032 battery ( I wiil keep that in reserve ) but I will reset CMOS, for what it is worth.
I feel the problem may lie within BIOS so I will recheck that.
I'll report further. My friends are away for a week and I want to present them with their upgraded PC, fully working, on their return !
Many thanks.

  Stuartli 15:32 12 Nov 2005

Try the default Bios settings and then change just one/change back one at a time as applicable (the manual will offer the correct settings) until you find/hopefully find what is causing the problem.

  phono 15:41 12 Nov 2005

Are the hard drives jumpered correctly as master and slave? Is it possible one, or both, are jumpered as CS (Cable Select)?

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