HDD/Acronis problems

  Simsy 17:28 05 Apr 2008


I've recently bought a laptop and have a HDD problem...

The HDD was partitioned when it arrived. Using the disc manager built into Vista I reduced the size of the Windows partition to about 40gig. I want to expand the remaining partition into the resulting free space, but the windows tool wont let me "expand" it... this option is greyed out.

I tried various permutations, including creating a new partition with the space, and formating/deleting it, to no avail.

So I've bought, direct from Acronis, as a download, DiscDirectorSuite. This wont let me enlage the partition either. It seems to want to allow me to move it about, but not make it bigger?? The partition in question is 54Gb. I'm trying to expand it to use the currently unallocated, contiguous, 15Gb.

Why can't I do this? What might be the issue?

Thinking that perhaps it's something to do with Windows running, I try and perform the task from the bootable Acronis rescue media... So I boot from the disc I've created and eventually I get a message that "No hard disc can be found"!!

I'm wondering if it's because the disc is a sata one??

The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro 210.

Should the fact that the HDD is sata s prevent a bootable Acronis disc from working?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 00:16 06 Apr 2008

Particularly the second question, regarding SATA.




  AlanHo 04:43 06 Apr 2008

SATA should make no difference. My computer has 3 SATA drives and Acronis True Image works fine with all of them.

I have used Paragon Partition Manager with Vista to create, move, enlarge and merge partitions without a problem.

Are you sure that the unallocated space you are seeing is not a hidden partition placed by the laptop maker to store a restore image?

  Simsy 08:41 06 Apr 2008

Yes, I'm sure about the hidden partition. I can "see" that using Windows disc management tool, and Acronis, (when used in Windows). Its at the front of the drive.

What I currently have is, in this order;

Hidden recovery partition 2Gig

C Vista 40 Gig
P Paging 2 Gig(I created this, within Windows, to make the C drive smaller for imaging)

Unallocated space 15Gig

E Data 54Gig

Does your TrueImage work from recovery media? Did you buy boxed True Image, or download it?

Thanks for the response.



  Batch 09:51 06 Apr 2008

You could try some separate partition software. Try a web search for "free partition software".

click here seems a likely candidate. I've not used it as I have Partition Magic (not free, or wasn't at the time).

  johndrew 09:51 06 Apr 2008

The unallocated 15GB sounds as if you may have somehow created 3 partitions. If the space is truly unallocated you should be able to format and use it through `Disk Management`.

ATI requires you to make a `Recovery` disk through the software. You should always make and use the full version. However, ATI is primarily backup and recovery software although it has some other features such as drive cloning and adding new drives.

The Partition Manager in ADDS is the part you need to use to merge the split sections. However, I have never used it and am unable to advise you other than to say the Acronis Help Files included are extremely good and should tell you exactly what you need to do.

paragon disc manager 8 special free edition came on one of the PCA Dvds a couple of months back.
Ive used it to grab back free space/resize partitions on xp but not vista.
Sorry not sure if its vista compatable.

  Simsy 10:31 06 Apr 2008

It is truly "unallocated". I can format it via disc management. However, I don't want it as a seperate partition; I want this space to be added to an existing, contiguous partition. The existing one, (E Data), doesn't seem to want to extend, using any method.

I have BOTH Acronis Disc Director Suite 10 AND Acronis True Image 11. I have made recovery CD via the software. The one CD has both applications on.

I have just discovered, via somewhere else, that when using this media the Disc Director suite WILL find SATA drives, but only if the "Safe" version, not the "Full" version is used. I've tried this, and it does seem to be the case.

Unfortunately I still can't get True Image to start from the recovery media!!!

Batch, Thanks for that. I had tried that before buying the Acronis stuff, and that doesn't work either. In fact it does aknowledge on the site that it can't, (yet), see SATA drives.

I'm trying other permutations of sequences of events. I'll report back, but in the meantime I'd welcome any other advice.

I assume there isn't a limit of 56Gig on an NTFS partition?



  Simsy 11:07 06 Apr 2008

I am seeing;

click here

Interestingly, the Acronis also shows a small, (2.96Mg), unallocated area at then end of the drive.

Any pointers welcome... though I'll have to come back to this later! Thanks,



  Simsy 11:37 06 Apr 2008

I've been using Paragon myself, from coverdisc, for a while. Unfortunately version 8 isn't Vista compatible, and it's bootable CD version doesn't see SATA.

It's what I tried to use when I first got the laptop.



  Ditch999 11:44 06 Apr 2008

No 56gb limit on NTFS partitions and the 2.96mb unallocated space is due to cluster size and will not be utilised when the disk is formatted. That is why you see adverts for HDDs which say 500GB (469GB formatted) or similar.

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