HDD won't accept windows

  oicur2ys4me2 02:10 12 Nov 2007

I currently have 2 IDE HDD's in my pc, a WD 80GB and a WD 200GB.

I want to take the 80GB out, but when I make the 200GB HDD the master it won't let me install windows.

I have tried both Vista (goes through installation process, reboots says "press any key to boot from cd/dvd" and that's where it stays. It just refuses to continue on with the installation process, and if you do press akey it restarts the installation process), and XP (says "windows is checking your computers configuration" and then the screen goes black and stays black)

Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do?
I've never had this problem installing windows in the past.

  Zion_Lion 04:30 12 Nov 2007

Hi mate... go hear click here
and download the Dlgsetup11_dos.exe format of the Data Lifeguard Tools 11.2 for DOS (Floppy).
when dowloaded, put a floppy disc in your drive and run the Dlgsetup11_dos.exe file which will setup the floppy disc ready for you to use (if you dont have a floppy drive, dowload the CD version and burn the image to disc with a free utility such as Power ISO or ISO Buster).
Now you can use the bootable western Digital tool on that floppy/CD that you've just created to setup your hard drive ready to istall windows.
But before you do that; if you've got two CD/DVD drives have you tried using both to install windows? I've found in the past that some older or failing CD/DVD drives have trouble getting past the "press any key to boot from cd/dvd" and the "Press F8 Agreement" stages.

Regards ZL

  hastelloy 07:12 12 Nov 2007

are you changing the jumpers on the 200 GB to make it the master?

  crosstrainer 07:39 12 Nov 2007

Check your BIOS settings to ensure you have the larger drive set to first boot device!

  oicur2ys4me2 08:27 12 Nov 2007

Zion-Lion, thanks but I don't have a floppy drive installed :-(

Marvin 42, yep, tried all jumper settings :-(

Crosstrainer, if I change boot sequence to hdd 1st, then how do I get it to start the installation from the cd??

  stevo28 08:51 12 Nov 2007

I use a wd8080b,it's 80GB, if memory serves the drive didn't require a jumper, does the 200gb require a jumper?

some o fhtis could apply:bios may need updating if it can't see drives up to 200GB; there may be a hardware compatibilty issue, ie graphics card. IF you've loaded vista using the 80gb then obviously hardware would be ok. Obviously make sure you have the minimum memory req's.


  crosstrainer 09:22 12 Nov 2007

Change your BIOS settings, place the DVD / CD in the drive, and re-boot....Sequence should be 1st boot device= cd dvd, second boot device= your large hdd.

If you want to delete the boot partition on your older drive, this will be an option when you install windows....But be careful, as deleting the partition will result in the loss of all data on the old drive.

  Newuser38 09:26 12 Nov 2007

If I remember correctly Vista needs a completely clean drive.

If you search on the site for installing vista in the windows vista section you should find information. Several of us had this problem when we were trying out the Vista beta program.

Please check but I think you can clean, partition etc the 200g drive from the Computer admin section of Control panel using the computer management section, doing this, of course from the current active 80g drive.Then start again on the instal.

  oicur2ys4me2 09:52 12 Nov 2007

Stevo28, no jumper for single/master. Jumper only needed for master with slave present, slave and cable select. Tried all of those :-)

Crosstrainer, yep, that's the way I had it set, but for some reason once the installation rebooted, it just refused to go past the cd/dvd drive :-(

Newuser38, deleted partitions and remade them through the installation process, so they were perfectly clean.

The thing is, I have had the 200 as a slave to the 80 for a few months now. Have had absolutely no problems writing to and from the 200....

Have checked the integrity of the 200 and it comes up clean, no errors or bad sectors.

It just seems that no version of windows wants to install to it...???... :-(

Will check the installing Vista in the Windows Vista section.

Thanks people, I really appreciate all the help and suggestions....

  hastelloy 10:58 12 Nov 2007

the 80 to the 200 and then swapping?

  oicur2ys4me2 11:45 12 Nov 2007

hadn't actually thought of that possability Marvin42.

I think I've got ghost around here somewhere, so it's worth a try at least

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