HDD and Windows

  Hrosir 21:04 03 Jul 2006

I am about to install a new 200GB HDD im my pc which has suffered a drive failure. I have a spare 60gb drive which has no place to go; I was wondering if there would be any advantages to using this drive as the master and installing Win XP , then use the 200gb unit as the storage device? I seem to think that keeping the 0/S on a separate drive should help in the event of another disc failure, thus protecting programes from data failure etc. I realise that in the event of the master disc being rendered inoperable, some if not all apps may not work without reinstalling the original progs from disc, any thoughts please, thanks

  Diversion 21:26 03 Jul 2006

That's what I have done, but partitioned my 300GB Hard Drive into 3 sections one of which contains a Drive Image of my C: drive and use the rest as you want. I've even installed the big programs which are over 2GB onto one of the partitions, I've installed that Lara Croft Legend for my grandchildren and that alone takes 7.5GB so I installed it on the games partition for the grandchildren.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:28 03 Jul 2006

Install the OS and programs on the 60gb; then use the other for saving data - documents, emails, images, pics, videos etc.

  woodchip 21:33 03 Jul 2006

Also put the page file on the 200gb drive

  DieSse 22:48 03 Jul 2006

OR -

Use the 200GB as your main drive and the 60GB to hold a compressed backup image (eg as with Acronis TI).

Put the 60GB into a removeable internal caddy, or an external box, and keep it out of the system unless backing up.

Result - if you new HDD fails, or if your system goes up in smoke, or anything really - You can recover everything from the backup drive.

My 120GB drive is backup up to about 22GB of a 40GB drive (the 120GB is only just over half full) - backups reduce to between 30-50%, depending on the data.

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