HDD to USB cable

  Taw® 16:53 13 Jun 2009

I have an old HDD the cable says Ultra ATA is there a cable I can get that will let me plug it into my lap top usb so that I can get some of the files of it? If so could i be directed to what I need?

  wiz-king 17:02 13 Jun 2009

click here might do the trick

  woodchip 17:11 13 Jun 2009

Wy no put the Drive a Laptop USB caddy, you could then get files of it and then use it for backup. if thats what you want

  woodchip 17:12 13 Jun 2009

why not wy, my laptop keeps missing letters as i type

  Taw® 17:18 13 Jun 2009

cheers both will have a look at those options. Woodchip were would I get a caddy from?

  britto 17:26 13 Jun 2009
  Bagsey 18:22 13 Jun 2009

Check out E Bay click here

  Taw® 14:57 19 Oct 2009

bought one from cablestar on e bay and done exactly as it said on the tin

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