HDD unallocated space

  desmondo 13:02 21 May 2003

I have just rebuilt a previously partitioned PC using FDISK (I obviously did something wrong at that point). Now, in the properties box I only have 2.5 Gb available and 22.5 Gb of unallocated space on the C: drive. There are no other partitions on the HDD. Without re-installing the OS, is there an easy way to make the free space part of the C: drive using Partition Magic 7?

  bow1 13:23 21 May 2003

Yes, just open partition magic and right click your C:partition and choose resize, then just drag the right side along until it fills the space and apply the change. It will boot into dos to make the changes as its the OS's partition.

  desmondo 14:10 21 May 2003

I tried that but got a message along the lines of "partition too big, will not be bootable". Any suggestions?

  keith-236785 14:18 21 May 2003

would you be prepared to format and re-install windows, if so what you need to do is FDISK, setup up your partition(s). if you choose this option you would have to format each new Partition, including c:. OR you could try using Partition Magic and play about with the drive size, it might be possible that your computer is too old to see a 25Gig drive and will only accept a drive of about 8 GIG, if so you would end up with 3 drives of about 8Gig each, could you live with this?

also the 2.5 gig you have now is it fat16, cos this would restrict the drive size, LBA drives require fat32 to (see) all the disk. hope this helps

  keith-236785 14:21 21 May 2003

You also forgot to say which Windows you are using, win95,win98 etc. Windows itself can be a problem recognising drive sizes.

  crx1600 14:26 21 May 2003

PM often gives these warnings,

every partition i create im warned it 'may' not be bootable as it crosses the '2GB boot boundary' or the '1024 cylinder boundary', but these can most often be ignored.

did your error say 'may' or 'will' not be bootable?

dont ignore the warning, although i suspect its not a problem, perhaps others can confirm.

  leo49 14:33 21 May 2003

I would agree with you - unnecessary warnings pop up regularly when partitions cross the 8gb boundary. I always ignore them and nothing untoward happens.[fingers crossed!]


  desmondo 17:37 21 May 2003

Thanks people - I like the sound of the "ignore the warnings". Worst case scenario is that I will have to reinstall.

The PC still has the original HDD from a previous build (98SE/XP dual) so the size should not be a problem (ooer!). I will check the FAT32 part though.....

I'll give it a shot and let you know - thanks again.

  desmondo 22:17 22 May 2003

Thanks all - ignoring the warning worked fine. PC back to full capacity and running fine.


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