HDD size limited to W98 -can't install XP+SP2

  dms05 08:01 03 Mar 2007

I have a very old laptop running W98 with HDD limited to 2GB partitions. It has atotal of 4Gb. I have tried to use my XP Home Update CD to install XP and all goes well. However when I try to install SP2 I haven't enough HDD space in 2Gb (short by 350Mb). I can't increase the 2Gb size in W98 and the Update XP doesn't seem to offer HDD resize. I don't have a paid for Partitioning Tool. Can anyone suggest how I can adjust the HDD to use all the 4Gb?

I tried loading SP2 to a 2Gb USB card and then transferring the installation to my D: drive - this works but when installaation starts to c: drive then not enough space error occurs.

  skidzy 08:42 03 Mar 2007

click here though i think its time for a bigger drive.

  Joe R 08:52 03 Mar 2007


as skidzy has pointed out, a bigger drive would probably be a better idea.

If you are struggling to get an operating system on, what is it going to be like once you install a few programs, utilities and updates etc.

Your system will grind to a halt.

  Strawballs 09:20 03 Mar 2007

It's not just harddrive space, if the laptop is "very old" then it might not even have enough ram to even run xp and even if it does just as Joe R has pointed out you will have a laptop with an OS on it but not enough resource left to do anything.

  dms05 10:11 03 Mar 2007

sskidzy- many thanks. I'll try the tool you recommend.

The laptop will run XP aand SP2 + Firefox/Thunderbird quite acceptably for Internet access. However I need to use all 4GB of the HDD and having it divided into 2*2Gb is the problem.

I'm running DLS (Damn Small Linux) at the moment to make this post. That runs in a RAM Disk direct from a CD. It's under 50Mb with all applications.

  skidzy 13:57 03 Mar 2007

I see you have ticked resolved,did the link help out ? just curious really.

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