HDD setup prob

  Handy Spinner 13:43 12 Feb 2004

(This problem has probably been answered before)

Just bought an ExcelStor 80Gb HDD. BIOS recognises it but Windows doesn't do anything apart from building a driver database. What can I do to make Windows 98 SE see my HDD?


  Giggle n' Bits 13:48 12 Feb 2004

Go to the Manufacuter of the HDD and look for the Driver Utility tool to help the process along.

I think the problem is your machine is a bit old and the BIOS doesn't recongise the size of the HDD there again make sure your have the Ribbon Cable going to IDE 1 and also the red line on the edge of the ribbon is alinged to PIN 1 on HDD end its the Red line to face the Molex power point.

  Handy Spinner 23:44 16 Feb 2004

...is no help at all. What should be my next step? I have an Asus A7S266-VM motherboard.

  kangawallafox 23:50 16 Feb 2004

Probably a silly question....
but have you formatted the new drive?
BIOS will recognise an unformatted drive, but windows will not....

  ©®@$? 23:52 16 Feb 2004

not a silly question at all!

that would of been my question aswell!

  Handy Spinner 00:03 17 Feb 2004

...does it involve going into a command prompt? I know how to do a format from there but would not have thought of doing it that way! Please confirm!

  kangawallafox 00:05 17 Feb 2004

Either that or get partition magic

  Handy Spinner 00:47 17 Feb 2004

I've gone into a command prompt, but can't format the disk. What drive letter should I be using? I've tried several obvious ones, but they don't work.

  Handy Spinner 12:21 17 Feb 2004

Can people guide me through formatting this disk please?

  terminalfailure 15:12 17 Feb 2004

I have not done this for ages and always have to re-teach myself everytime but willing to give it a go.

Just a couple of questions:-
1 How old is the M/B

2 Have you got the start up disk you should have
made when you first installed Win98SE.

3 Have you enabled LBA mode in Bios or just run auto detect for your HD.

If you have the floppy, run from the normal DOS prompt and run F/DISK choose FAT 32 and set up any or no partitions as required ( follow on screen instructions).

This is where my memory is a bit fuzzy but can normally work round it. I can't remember if you format from this point or whether there is a logical Drive created from the start up disk and you format from there.

I am sure there must be a bright spark out there who can help, unfortunately I haven't got a spare machine to try it on. Still what I have said should do no harm. Let me know I'll be thinking about it.

  SEASHANTY 15:44 17 Feb 2004

The Maxtor Guide (in .pdf format) to Installing and formatting an ATA Hard drive is available on the
Maxtor website.
click here

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