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  lil27 09:35 19 Aug 2007

I have recently bought a Laptop which claims to have 100GB HDD SATA.

In properties on the C drive, it states that the HDD capacity is only 87.7 GB. I have only loaded Vista and Norton and I am down to about 68 GB free.

I seem to have misplaced 12.3 GB ?????????????

Should the capacity of the HDD state 100GB?

  holme 09:42 19 Aug 2007

It could (partly?) be due to the BackUp partition on disc.

Click whatever the Vista equivalent is of Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Managerment - Disc Management and look at the Disc 0 arrangement. It should show how much is in the BackUp partitiion, with the rest in HDD (C:).

Our Windows XP BackUp partitions are of the order of 8GB, but maybe Vista is bigger? HTH.

  lil27 09:57 19 Aug 2007


This shows 5.37GB basic drive and 87.79GB for the NTFS giving a total of 93.16GB total.

I am not going to argue about 7GB (100 - 93).

Thanks for the education,


  holme 10:07 19 Aug 2007

That makes sense! There's also a little bit of 'creative accounting' as far as disc size is concerned. A disc advertised as "100GB" is actually c. 5% less than that...

The techie reason is that a GByte isn't (as you would naturally think) 1,000,000,000 bytes, but the binary equivalent, which is 1,048,576,000. So a "100GB" disc is actually 100/1.048576 = 'only' 95.36GB.

Funny old thing, you report 93.16GB which - let's face it - is pretty darn close. There's lies, damn lies, and disc capacities... :-)

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