HDD or MOBO noises ?

  TTP 09:32 17 Mar 2006

Hi all, ive not come across this one before, but maybe you could point me in the right direction..... Dual boot machine (98 on C fat32, D drive fat32, E drive fat32 win XP) had to reinstal XP due to some networking problems/IE crashing perpetually etc but I did it straight over the top of the old install (quick format only, couldnt solve probs with recovery console). Now when im in 98se all is quiet(ish) but in XP there seems to be a strange repetive buzz like sound similar to disk activity but no activity light that i can detect. All cables are pushed home (i havent been near the drives since last year anyway) its not beeps and ive had no SMART warnings. The code goes 1 longish buzz followed by 4 shorter but equally spaced buzzes. I can use XP but it is very sluggish.Some times the code misses a step eg ... ....... ..... randomly.Ive been through dev man, uninstalled the drives, restarted etc and they appear to be functioning normally but no joy.Any takers ?

  remind 09:43 17 Mar 2006

What motherboard do you have? Can you take the side off the PC and see if it's the internal speaker making the noise? Does the same thing happen if you boot XP in Safe mode?

  TTP 17:26 17 Mar 2006

I got the code wrong - its 5 and 5 buzzes the second set is a different tone.It still happens in safemode but less frequently.I cant tell if its the int. speaker or not.MOBO is a gigabyte GA-6MWW7

  DrScott 18:00 17 Mar 2006

Could be a memory problem, though I wouldn't nec expect it to boot.

The gigabyte website should have more details about the error beeps, assuming it's a mobo issue.

  TTP 19:21 17 Mar 2006

I cant d.load the manual because acrobat reader wont install because a previous install (6.0) went wrong and i havent got rid of it yet.Anyway im off to work now so i'll check back AM. BTW its my wife PC that is playing lala.

  remind 19:23 17 Mar 2006

If all you need is something to view PDFs Acrobat is enormously bloated these days IMHO, Foxit does the same job; click here

  TTP 15:29 18 Mar 2006

Have got the manual and layout pictures of the board but havent found the speaker yet.Im not too fussed if nobody knows what it is as Wifey is using mine for E- bay and mail etc (plus she's out tonight) so its formatting/installing time and she should come back to a nice clean install and selling tat over the internet by the end of the night! When I reinstalled XP I think i should have done a full format and maybe this wouldnt have arised - still its interesting to try to find these things out. Cheers people !

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