HDD noise

  christmascracker 10:46 19 Mar 2004

My slave HDD is making a noise.

I've been in touch with the manufacturer of the PC (more than once) and they say it's nothing to worry about

I emailed the drive manufacturer (samsung) who told me to run the diagnostics tests, which I have done, and they all come back that the drive is OK and there are no errors.

It doesn't make the noise all the time but always does at boot up, It's a sort of electronic squeak if that makes any sense

Any ideas as to where I go from here, or is it "nothing to worry about"

  Diemmess 11:48 19 Mar 2004

I once added added a second HD all of 80 Mb ! ........ Yes it was that long ago.

The thing uttered a thin high-pitched squeal shortly after switch-on and lasting about a minute.

On its own, as sole HD, there was no noise. I was uneasy and eventually sold it on while it still worked and didn't bother the new owner.

I can only guess at a imperfect bearing and a resonant sound generated in the peculiar mechanical conditions inside my case.

  seedie 12:45 19 Mar 2004

One way to look at is this. How much is the data on the noisy drive worth to you? and how much is peace of mind worth?

If I were you I'd get a new drive. click here have a 40gig western digital 8meg buffer 7200 rpm. £40.83 inc vat.

I've got 2 here and pleased with them.

Good luck


  christmascracker 15:31 19 Mar 2004

Decided to go with replacing it with a new one!

Peace of mind - can't put a price on that!

Wish me luck with the installation :-)

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