HDD LED indicatior lughts whilt using DWD RW

  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 23:46 13 Dec 2003

I have just installed a Frecom DVD RW drive, which is set up as a secondary master. When the drive light comes on, so does the HDD LED.

I also have a Ricoh DVD ROM/CDRW drive set up as secondory slave but the HDD LED does not light up when this dirve is in use.

I have 2 hard drives set up as primary slave and master. OS is Windows XP.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and is it something that will effect system performance as I wonder whether both drives are being accessed at the same time for some reason.

  howard60 07:22 14 Dec 2003

have you connected the cables correctly? the master on an ide ribbon cable is the far end from the mobo. The connection in the centre is for the slave.

  mrdsgs 08:55 14 Dec 2003

are you sure that you are not copying dvd's to the hard drive first as a temporary file before the files go to the dvd rw.

This is sometimes the defalt setting and is recommended for accuracy and speed when making multiple copies.

It's justa thought!


  leo49 09:03 14 Dec 2003

When using my CDRW,I'd think something was wrong if my HDD LED didn't flicker when writing a CD - the writer reads ahead and caches data to support buffer underrun protection.With a DVDRW I would have thought that would be even more necessary.

  Stuartli 09:06 14 Dec 2003

It's when the HDD light doesn't come on that's the time to get worried....:-)

Thanks for replies.

I have connected the top connector to the master and the middle connector to the slave.

As the HDD LED comes on when I open the Freecom drive or during playback of an audio CD, there is no copying taking place.

Just read the reponses from leo49 and Stuartli.

Perhaps I did not make it clear in my first post but I do realise that there is HDD activity if a file is being written to an optical drive.

However, as mentioned above, the HDD LED comes on when playng an audio CD and when I open the Freecom drive. This does not happen with the Richoh drive.


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