HDD Keeps Freezing

  erinville 13:04 22 Jan 2013

The other day I purchased a Triax TSC114 Saorview receiver. This gives me all the FTA channels for Ireland (Terrestial) & all the UK FTA channels (Satellite). I also purchased an Intenso 320GB external Hard Drive which is converted to NTFS. My problem is that while recording any channel the picture on the TV freezes about half way through recordings. This means the recording stops as well & the LED light goes out in the external Hard Drive. It also freezes before recordings start or even if it's just plugged in. I'm just wondering as to why this is the case. I have also tried NTFS but, the same problem. It seems that the receiver is not providing enough power to the HDD. Is there an adaptor/converter I can plug into the mains & also be able plug the USB part into the receiver & the other end (Mini USB) into the HDD? I would need all this in one unit. If there is I would be grateful if someone could provide me with a link.

  Batch 13:31 22 Jan 2013

I think what you are suggesting is some sort of thing whereby you could have the USB from HDD into the separate power source and then on from the separate power source to the receiver for the signal. I've never heard of such a thing.


Some external HDDs want a little too much power and/or the USB ports don't provide enough. I have an external HDD which came with a USB cable that has miniUSB on the end that goes into the HDD and two standard USB plugs on the other end (one is looped off the other).

The idea with this is that both of the standard USB plugs provide power, but just one of them carries the signals. Then I just plug both of the standard USB plugs into USB ports on my PC. It does the trick and may solve your problem. If your receiver has two free USB ports you might not even need a separate USB power adapter (these are readily available though - e.g. amzon, ebay.)

  Batch 13:34 22 Jan 2013
  Batch 13:49 22 Jan 2013

BTW, I cannot be sure that if you were to use the cable mentioned and plug one standard USB into the receiver and one in to a power adapter that it wouldn't cause an issue (blow something on the receiver or the HDD?). I don't think it will, but you never know.

Alternative is to get an HDD that needs less power.

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