HDD on its way out?

  SDJ 15:11 18 Jan 2003
  SDJ 15:11 18 Jan 2003

Im a little concerned that up til now my dead quiet HDD has become inconsistently rattly.
It kind of sounds like an old hard disk when you could hear the thing spinning but when matching this to the HDD LED it is not always syncronized.

Can I assume therefore that as it has always been quiet, for over three years, the barings may be wearing?
I have two HDDs the second one (2 months old) contains some digital video files and my C:\ image files so I am sure that it is my main HDD.

Another thing, I have always heard the drive coming on from a suspend mode when using the computer whilst just browsing the net to actually doing something HDD intensive, sounds like a faint motor spinning but since the above mentioned rattle this has gone away.

  woodchip 15:37 18 Jan 2003

Have you had any write errors, Do a thorough scandisk. Barings may be wearing out

  SDJ 16:08 18 Jan 2003

I havent had any write errors but ill do the scandisk and report back.

Cheers woodchip

  SDJ 16:16 18 Jan 2003

How do you do a scandisk in XP Home?
Will Norton DIsk DOctor do? I cant see that it has a surface scan though.

  siarad 16:21 18 Jan 2003

How did you determine it was a HDD, sounds more like a fan

  powerless 16:26 18 Jan 2003

My computer > Right click your "C" Drive > Go down to properties > Tools > Under error-checking click on "Check now" > Tick both boxes and click on "start" > A box may appear stating that you will need to resatrt > When it restarts Scandisk will run.

Mine takes about 50minutes on a 120GB HDD 90%free.


  SDJ 16:59 18 Jan 2003

Definatley HDD, my fans are all fine, I checked them all.

Cheers Powerless get back to you with results

  woodchip 21:02 18 Jan 2003

Disc Doctor is better than Scandisk it's what I use, it does a full scan if you run it from Norton Programs on desktop

  siarad 21:48 18 Jan 2003

Could just be a loose screw. Other than the above I don't think this is a helproom task as it's beyond our scope to listen to your HDD.

  SDJ 22:16 18 Jan 2003

No its definately not a loose screw siarad. Well scandisk reported back fine so did Norton, I think it could well be barings as I have exhausted all other possibilities.

Backed up and set a weekly image for if the worst happens, other than that I will stop worrying about it as I have taken all of the necessary precautions.

Thanks all for your help.

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