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  Marvman 20:57 10 Jan 2007

Ive just bought a new Pc and its meant to have 250gb harddrive. I went into my computer and noticed that 60gb of that is for back-up (D: ).
I was wondering if i can get rid of D: altogether (or atleast cut it down to 10gb) an use that 60gb on the main C:/??

I have Win Xp MCE installed, the comp is from dell.


or isit recommended that i dont partition?

  skidzy 21:21 10 Jan 2007

Im sure you can by going to:

Start/Right click My Computer/Manage/Disk managment.

Windows does not let you reduce the partition,you need third party software..such as Paragon Partition Manager.
I have been trying to find the free version PPM7,but it seems i cannot find it for now.

  Technotiger 21:23 10 Jan 2007

PPM ...

click here

  skidzy 21:29 10 Jan 2007

Hi Techno

Thats version 8 with a demo version.
I looked at that a couple of times,and unsure if it will let Marvman do as requested without paying for it.

Version 7 was a freebie,i use to have a link for it,but as usual...its disappeared... Lol

  skidzy 21:34 10 Jan 2007

Ive found a couple of downloads for version 7,but even that looks like you have to pay,maybe im thinking of a different partition manager.

  Marvman 21:45 10 Jan 2007

What about partition magic 8?

  Technotiger 21:47 10 Jan 2007

for Partition Magic ...

click here

  Joe R 21:48 10 Jan 2007

This will do the trick for you, and, it's free. click here

  Marvman 21:50 10 Jan 2007

This is safe to do tho yer? someone told me tha dell stores all the backups on it an if i ever need to reinstall windows it wont let me....dell did supply me with a reinstallation disk tho?

soz im a total n00b at this

  mr gee 21:51 10 Jan 2007

Just a thought --did you get a back up disc with the pc? -.The partition could hold all the O S files and if delete it and then in futer you need to format or -re-install for any reason --you might have a problem

  Marvman 21:52 10 Jan 2007

i got a reinstallation disk, tha wha i need?

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