HDD Health TEC date reliable?

  provider 2 10:35 02 Apr 2007

Two days ago I installed HDD Health click here . Now, it`s telling me my Nearest T.E.C. is 18/07/2007 which, I think, is the predicted date of drive failure. Can anyone tell me what T.E.C. actually stands for, and how reliable is the date likely to be?

  CodenameCueball 10:44 02 Apr 2007

try click here

how old is the drive?

  CodenameCueball 10:48 02 Apr 2007

sorry wrong address,
click here

  provider 2 10:50 02 Apr 2007

Almost one year exactly. Error 505 on URL.

  provider 2 10:51 02 Apr 2007

Thanks for that, Codename. I`ll go check it out.

  provider 2 11:55 02 Apr 2007

"I used to be indecisive but now I`m not so sure." The TEC date (in the course of two hours) has changed to 22/07/2007 and the temperature has gone up one degree. Any comments?

  johndrew 12:20 02 Apr 2007

I have been using HDD health for nearly a year now and found it took a fair period before the TEC date settled and the confidence % rose. Not knowing what temperature your drive(s) is/are at makes it difficult to advise whether the 1 degree rise means anything - it is unlikely. Your best bet is to look your drive specification up on the manufacturer`s web site and see what the maximum operating temperature is. If you also look at the SMART tab details you will get an indication if anything is not right.

  provider 2 12:29 02 Apr 2007

Thanks, johndrew. The temp. has gone from 31 to 32 degrees c. which seems OK.
I`ve had another message which says "Attribute Raw Read Error changes from 57 to 58" but this means nothing whatsoever to me!
It`s a Seagate ST 3160023AS in an HP Pavilion a1228.uk desktop.

  CodenameCueball 12:02 03 Apr 2007

seagate make relaible drives, and one year, i think HDD Health is acting up.

  johndrew 12:40 03 Apr 2007

Your drive has a specified maximum operating temperature of 55 degrees C so it is well within limits. As you use a drive (make it work) it will warm up. If you want a warning when it is getting hot, you can right click HDD Health icon, select Options>Alert Options and set the critical warning temperature to your preference (I would use 50 to geve me a bit of space).

As for all the log reports, I should not worry about them a great deal; they are always changing as with temperature. Probably your biggest indicator is the `Health` screen; if that says the drive is OK then it is a good sign. When the confidence % bar rises you will see the TEC rise as well unless there is a problem. But as with all these utilities don`t let it worry you; if you have a problem you will pick up on it quickly enough and drives are quite reliable these days.

  provider 2 15:36 03 Apr 2007

johndrew, I am reassured when you say this program requires time to settle down and achieve some consistency in its reporting. In the meantime it will be interesting to monitor what it has to say about my hard drive.
The TEC is now up to 29/09/2007 but alternates between that and N/A (Lower temps seem to trigger the N/A report).
The "prediction`s precision" is now 25% and I look forward to seeing what the TEC will be when that increases.

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