Snrub 11:19 10 Sep 2009

Wed, [email protected]:35

Looking in Event Viewer it shows a yellow warning triangle for hard disk with Event ID 51 repeatedly showing. A check of the hard disk with diagnostics registers OK 80% healthy on spin up. There are Hotfix methods for Event ID 51 on the Microsoft Help Line but relate to other versions of O/S and not XP which I am running. This problem is related to I/O disc response.
Can anyone help please?

Wed, [email protected]:25

MS bulletin on Event ID51 (does apply to XP)

click here

and loads about it here

click here

You clearly need to consider that the drive may be failing - so ensure that you are keeping up to date backups.

To monitor drive performance you can load a SMART monitor, which will tell you if any drive parameters are out of kilter.

Google hard drive smart monitor for a variety of such programs.

I would be inclined to try a new data cable, too.

What does 80% healthy on spin-up mean in the diagnostic you ran? Should it read 100% if there are no problems?

Thu, [email protected]:02

Thanks DieSse very interesting, I was aware of the Microsoft Help and Support which doesn't help for XP but the other link gives an incredible 33 pages spanning 2 years on the problem which still argues whether Event ID 51 is a hardware or software related problem.
If anyone can resolve this one they are a genius!

re: spin up, apparently as hard drives age the spin up time increases, when it drops to 60-70% this is when to think about replacement, or so Iv'e read. 80% is considered healthy

  Stuartli 11:42 10 Sep 2009

It is absolutely pointless starting a new thread to reply to postings in another.

You should stick to the one thread so it all makes sense - it will go to the top of the listings with each new post.

  lotvic 13:21 10 Sep 2009

Please do not double post on the same problem. It gets very confusing to those trying to help.

Please close this thread - green tick - click on Resolved

Stick to your original post for replies click here

  Snrub 15:04 10 Sep 2009

Hi lotvic I stopped getting responses on the original thread. What I did find out is that HDD Event 51 is a major issue that remains unresolved hence the reason for raising a new thread in the hope that it would attract more attention from hopefully an HDD expert. In principal I accept your comments but I hope you will agree this topic would stimulate and enhance the website, its not an easy one to sort.

  Stuartli 15:26 10 Sep 2009

>>HDD Event 51 is a major issue>>

News to me.

Try a new HDD cable - connection leads are a common source of problems.

  Snrub 17:57 10 Sep 2009

Hi Stuartli thanks will check HDD cable.

It was news to me that HDD Event 51 is a major issue but if you follow DieSse 2nd thread it covers 33 pages over 2 years with no consensus if this is a hardware or software problem.
It is interesting that Microsoft have Hotfixes for this problem but unfortunately not for XP, so they must think it is a software problem.

  Stuartli 18:29 10 Sep 2009

It's been made clear that any one of a variety of hardware or software issues could raise the Error 51 message - as has been pointed out already, it's basically a question of gradual elimination.

Not a major issue in the sense that it doesn't apply to one or two particular problems.

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