HDD FRIED, now PC shuts itself off.

  Flexphipps 21:11 24 Jun 2009

Hi guys, hope you can offer some words of wisdom!

Old HDD fried, literally, the other night, but thankfully had a spare HDD to replace and install backup data.

In the course of checking components to find what died, removed the CPU cooler. Have installed new HDD, and correctly re-seated cooler with new paste.

Managed to get windows installed to new HDD, but only after PC shut itself down during first attempt. Got it all on at second attempt, but now PC keeps shutting down intermitently.

BIOS screen shows temps as within tolerances, and even checking that, the PC will shut down at different points. Sometimes get to windows, but shuts off at differing times then too.

No mobo beeps to indicate any problems, and all components are fine.

Is it possible that when the HDD fried, it killed the mobo, or in the course of the fresh install, a problem with the CPU or new HDD is happening?

Any suggestions welcome.


  woodchip 21:33 24 Jun 2009

Still indicates CPU fan or heatsink did you put it on the right way round?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:39 24 Jun 2009

re-seated cooler with new paste.

Hope you didn't overdo the paste? sounds like over heat problems [email protected]
worth doing a memory test and a hard drive check and possible a sfc /scannow for windows files errors.

  Flexphipps 21:50 24 Jun 2009

Have double and triple checked the cooler, as that was my first thought.

Have also tried differing amounts of paste (pea size etc), after thoroughly cleaning the old stuff off, and making sure contact is solid between cooler and cpu.

New HDD doesnt't seem to be the problem, as when it actually gets as far as windows, it runs well, and have checked any event meesages etc. It just shuts down randomly - as in no specific time.

I will try the memtest, but i suspect that it will shut down during that too - which confirms some other proble!

  woodchip 23:51 24 Jun 2009

You could try lapping the Heat Exchanger on a piece of glass using wet and dry paper about 800 grade

  Jim_F 00:11 25 Jun 2009

To check the CPU temperature I'd use Speedfan or Coretemp running in logged mode.

If nothing shows up then I'd be inclined to suspect the PSU - try unplugging or disabling anything you don't need to run the machine - DVD drives, USB kit etc.

If this improves stability then your PSU is the suspect.

  phono 00:36 25 Jun 2009

"New HDD doesnt't seem to be the problem, as when it actually gets as far as windows, it runs well"

Have you tried safe mode? If you have does the system still shut down randomly or does it run okay? If it runs okay in safe mode it is most likely a software/driver problem and not hardware related.

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggested, do a memory test, hard drive check and if possible a sfc /scannow for windows files errors.

  Flexphipps 09:44 25 Jun 2009

Random shut down even in safe mode - one of the first things i checked. Doing memtest, will check back later.

  Flexphipps 16:39 25 Jun 2009

Ok, so memtest only managed a few minutes before pc shut down again. Think it is either a temp issue (though when i can get to bios it only reads 57-60 degrees) or when the hdd fried, it took something out on the motherboard.

  phono 17:04 25 Jun 2009

It may also be worth checking the PSU.

  Flexphipps 18:04 25 Jun 2009

Phono, good thinking batman.

All voltages reading as normal, but worth thinking about.

It's just odd that there are no warning beeps from the mobo!

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