HDD format utilities

  garby 23:28 06 Dec 2005

i am currently trying to help a friend who has
collected a number of Trojans/viruses on his HDD.
unfortunately the time before the pc shuts down
is roughly between 2 and 4 minutes, not leaving
me much time to run/load a removal program. Not
wanting to format the drive, i really can't see
any other option. is there a format utility i
can use from a floppy from the start up, which
will format the C drive for me. As you can see,
that time is the factor here!!.

viruses/trojans included are vmlib/msmsgs/intel32
generic guv/gov/bxy/ istbar.em and dialer.aoz....
the Anti-virus shuts off before any other are
named!!! plus perhaps 150 mal ware...yea i know!!!...what have i let myself in for..

  Cuddles 23:38 06 Dec 2005

Boot from a 98se startup floppy, at the A> prompt type format C: / if you do not have a floppy go to click here and download one.

  PSF 23:50 06 Dec 2005

Do you use Norton internet security, if you do you can boot from the cd and run a virus check on the system. It may not have the latest definitions but it might help.

  DieSse 00:59 07 Dec 2005

You can take the hard drive out of the system - put it as a slave drive into another system - and run a virus check on it there (assuming there is a good, fully up to date AV in the second system.)

I've done this successfully a number of times.

Also run anti-malware programs at the same time, of course.

  garby 08:03 07 Dec 2005

if i connect the infected drive to my pc as a
slave, would this affect the master drive in
any way, ie...when detected at start up or whilst
i scan to heal/delete the viruses and trojans.

  Gongoozler 08:11 07 Dec 2005

Hi garby. With the drive connected as slave, no programs will run from it, so there is a minimal risk of infecting the master drive, and this risk is almost negligible if the host drive has up-to-date antivirus and you only use the setup to format the drive and not to use the data on it in any other way. I recently reformatted my hard drive in this way when a faulty RAM stick irretrievably corrupted Windows.

  DieSse 10:05 07 Dec 2005

As Goongozler says - if you have a good, fully up-to-date AV on the system - it will be at no risk from the infected drive.

You can try simply cleaning it - this may give you a good working system without losing any programs or dat from it.

I've resurrected a number of very badly infected drives this way, without ever a problem. Though I did have one drive so badly corrupted that at the end of the day it couldn't be recovered.

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