HDD and FLOPPY drive do not show on dsk management

  johnnyd91 22:42 07 Apr 2011

Just wondering if this was normal? My Cd drive is there but not these two. Any ideas?

  Dragon_Heart 01:11 08 Apr 2011

No disrespect but your PC must either be getting on a bit ( 5+ years ) or you've added the floppy drive at a later date.

What operating system are you using ?

Does your hard disk & floppy show up on 'Device Manager'

Is your hard disk & floppy internal or external eg via USB

  johnnyd91 01:37 08 Apr 2011

Nah thts kwl, it is 5+ years old, i do have a new laptop however i wanted to find out what the problem was with my old pc! I have added a USB floppy as my old one is no longer working but my HDD is internal, they do both show in device manager! My operating system is XP.

  Dragon_Heart 02:16 08 Apr 2011

If both show in device manager and you can access them what's the problem ?

" I wanted to find out what the problem was with my old pc " ??

  johnnyd91 02:28 08 Apr 2011

You tell me? why isnt it in disk management? Just say i wanted to change the letter of my drive, how would i do this?! I'm no computer expert. I'm asking for help!!

  mgmcc 09:37 08 Apr 2011

The floppy drive won't appear in Disk Management and there is nothing you can do with it anyway. Drive letters 'A' and 'B' are *reserved* for floppy drives, by default generally 'A' for 3.5" and 'B' for (very old) 5.25" disks.

Your internal hard drive should definitely be displayed in Disk Management. Even an unpartitioned drive should be shown, although it won't appear in Windows Explorer until it has been partitioned and given a drive letter.

  robin_x 11:10 08 Apr 2011

Does it show in BIOS? Have you ever replaced the BIOS battery on the PC?

That's the limit of my suggestions on this. There are other causes too.

  johnnyd91 18:44 09 Apr 2011

Nope i have never changed the battery or anything!! I ran a trojan scan and it came up that my drives were restricted?! Which then requested i used my microsoft cd's to fix the problem! I'm guessing viruses have hampered my system over the years!! Is a system re-installation my only option?? I don't have any cd's/floppys either which is abit of a bugger!!

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