hdd failure..want files destroyed before replacin'

  lixdexik 22:47 26 Jan 2003

Hi..my slave hdd crashed in style a couple of days ago.in the process it damaged files on the master drive. I have now reformated the masterdrive ( 20gig fujitsu ) and reinstalled win98. But the slave drive ( 40gig western digital caviar )can't be accessed to fdisk or format.. this western digital drive is only 16 weeks old and should be replaced without a problem.. BUT I have all my work accounts, personal contacts, estimates, and invoices for the last 10 years loaded on it. I desperatly require to ensure that this info is scrubed before it return it to the shop for replacement...all the info is backed up so that is not the problem. Any foolproof sujestions how to destroy this info??? a big magenet perhaps??If I cant destroy the info then i will take a hit and trash the drive and buy another.. but any thoughts on the subject will be most welcome.

any thoughts on a reliable drive??? so far over the last few years I have used a...

IBM deskstar...failed 11 months old. Samsung spinpoint failed 2 weeks old replaced by the western digital above failed 16 weeks old.. They dont get heavy use, just word files and photos..no games

Cheers lixdexik...

  Lozzy 22:54 26 Jan 2003

if the HDD cannot be Formatted by you then it is doubtful that anyone could gain access.. However, there are pieces of software out there in cyberland that can assist in obtaining data from a damaged HDD but that software is expensive and requires certain expertise.

My advise would ask the shop once they agree to swap it to destroy it completely..

  woodchip 22:55 26 Jan 2003

Norton Disc Doctor would probably do it, If it can see the drive. For a good drive get a Seagate Barracuda 7200 drive

  Giggle n' Bits 23:07 26 Jan 2003

destroy the HDD well proper and forget about the money matter.

Drop it in a bucket of water, chuck it against a garden wall, Burn it bury it.

You never kow where it may end up if returned. On a Car Boot or Market stall ?.

  grove34 00:18 27 Jan 2003

drill some holes straight through it , that should do it

  Migwell 00:26 27 Jan 2003

I had a bad disk that was no lnger usable, so I took it to bits and ran a screwdriver accross the surface of each of the platters then put one each week in the bin after bending them and hitting them with a hammer. I recond that should put them beyond the chance of any recovery

  TOPCAT® 00:36 27 Jan 2003

Maxtor drives are very good.

  goonerbill 00:55 27 Jan 2003

if ya not worried about getting the drive replaced free, take it apart and dispose of it that way. recommend seagate drives, used them for about 10 yrs now and never a problem. only time i ain't used a seagate, got a maxtor and it crashed in 3 months

  Tog 07:42 27 Jan 2003
  lixdexik 09:48 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for your comments..I have connected this drive back into the system. but when it is connected the POST will not complete and the boot stops, so I doubt any software will be able to help.. I will ask at the shop first,, see what they say, but It looks like I will have to mash the drive I think.

I will go for a Maxtor drive this time around..

Thanks again. Lixdexik

  lixdexik 09:56 27 Jan 2003

I think the seagate has my vote this time.

Cheers Lixdexik.

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