HDD Failures

  Ollieole 13:52 23 May 2005

Last year I put together a PC as follows

Asus P4C-800E Deluxe Mobo, P4 3.2GHz, 1Mb Ram, Sapphire X800 graphice and 2 WD 80Gb HDDs set up in Raid 0 using the Intel ICH5R controller

After 6 months one of the HDDs failed and, unable to get a match, I replaced both.

2 months later, one of the HDDs has failed again

I have now set it up again but am not sure whether I can expect more problems in the future.

OK it's possible, but it seems unlikely that I could be that unlucky to have 2 HDDs fail in 2 months and I think something may actually be causing them to fail. Just wondered if anyone had any pointers as to what may be going wrong

One thing I have noticed is that the SATA connectors at the Mobo end are quite loose. Not sure if this has any bearing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:23 23 May 2005

Are you sure the drives failed? Did you try them in another machine?
2 drives in 2 months highly unlikely.

Loose connections are always suspect but to fail the drive maybe PSU problems?

  Ollieole 14:32 23 May 2005

First one failed completely - complete reinstall

Second one was reporting an error at boot up but had not failed completely - managed to ghost the drive this time. Machine would not boot to start with but after playing with SATA connector on Mobo could get it to boot. Boot up screen reported

Raid o Volume "OK"
HDD 1 "OK"
HDD 2 "error"

Power supply is Antec trupower 480W

The fact that it booted after jiggling the SATA connector makes me suspect a loose connection.

Would it cause a drive to fail if it is trying to read/write to it when the connection is falling out of the Mobo?

  jimv7 14:36 23 May 2005

Check that the psu is big enough to carry all that you are running, a 300 or 350 watt is propably too small, if so go for a 400+ wattage psu.

  TomJerry 14:43 23 May 2005

if two HDDs close to each other and not enough cooling in a small case, it could be overheat problem

you do NOT need exact match for Raid 0, two HDDs with same capacity is fine, if one is small, then some of bigger one will not be used.

  Ollieole 15:11 23 May 2005

Thnaks for the responses - obviously can't dismiss either PSU or Cooling but not sure that it's either of these that's causing the problem

480W PSU should be man enough

Antec 1080 case - plenty of room and cooling? - 2 rear fans and one side fan

  DieSse 16:45 23 May 2005

"plenty of room and cooling?"

Basically OK - but try to avoid mounting the drives one directly above the other - leave as much room in between them as is feasible with that case.

  SEASHANTY 17:22 23 May 2005

If you do not already have the free PC utility Everest Home then download it from here
click here
It's free. Use it to monitor the temperatures of your motherboard and hard drives.

  woodchip 17:47 23 May 2005

From first few post's this thread, this thread tells me it's a faulty sata connector

  Ollieole 19:04 23 May 2005


I am fairly convinced that this has something to with it. The fact that it is so loose at the Mobo end and the fact that jiggling the connector got it from a non booting state into a working state.

However, would a faulty connector cause the drive to actually fail or would it just stop it communicating with the Mobo.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 23 May 2005

"would a faulty connector cause the drive to actually fail or would it just stop it communicating with the Mobo."

Just stop communicating, thats why I aske if you were ure the drives had failed and tested them in another machine

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