HDD failure, advice plz

  second best 20:13 10 Oct 2003

hi. i have just recovered from a serious problem. i closed down xp one night and in the morning it wouldnt boot up. i could not repair the installation, and the bios reported my drive to be one thousand gig and more, before finally settling at 89 gig. the drive is only 40 gig. i took it to a local shop to check it out and they have told me the drive is unfixable. he believes it has suffered a firmware virus attack. can you give me more advice on this matter plz. thnks

  zanwalk 20:34 10 Oct 2003

If you go to the HD manufacturer's site, you will be able to download diagnostic software to put on a floppy and check the disk with. This should run and tell you what the problem is, and if it is fixable, be able to fix it.

  second best 20:37 10 Oct 2003

thnxs rayburn, i'll give that a go now.

  second best 22:55 10 Oct 2003

whatever was wrong with the 40 gig is now wrong witht 20 gig. it seems ok now, but i have just installed it again, that's 3 times today already. i think there is something seriously wrong with both of my drives. is it possible that i have a virus on my drive. one that can't be seen or removed. could a virus actually destroy my drive so i can't use it. can you give me any advice on what i can do to find this out?

  zanwalk 07:15 11 Oct 2003

As far as I know a virus can't destroy your HD, it may make it temporarily unusable however. Have you checked the disks as I suggested, and were there any errors? Also, I would change the IDE cable if possible, and also try the HD as slave in another machine with an up to date virus checker.

  wee eddie 22:01 11 Oct 2003

System specs. What AV are you running?

If not. Log onto Norton's site and run a scan. There are other AV's that will do the same for you. If you have a Virus they will sort it, with a bit of input from yourself.

Once you have sorted that, follow rayburn's advice.

  second best 12:41 12 Oct 2003

thnks guys. the problem i was having was that i couldnt see my hdd in the bios. then i was getting an error saying my cmos battery was low. this was after i had flushed the cmos cache to reset, trying to fix the incorrect drive size. anyway, something has happened, and i have been able, somehow, to recognise my drive by using the xp installation disk. this brought up the 2 hdd i have, but both were unpartitioned. after 2 attempts i managed to format the dries using ntfs file system. bios is now recognising both drives and reporting precise size. windows has been installed once more and upto now, all seems fine. except most of my updates failed, and i've posted another thread for this. wondering if there still might be an internall problem with the hdd. what would yo ureccomend to check this. incidnetally, i had norton 2001 running before all went to pot.

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