HDD failing - need to move data to my other HDD

  Adam Patrick 15:21 10 Jun 2007

Recently I have had a message on 2 different occasions saying "Hard Drive Failed" when starting up PC. I have Active SMART 2.51 installed (a HDD monitoring software) which tells me that my smaller HDD is about to fail.
I have also a larger HDD, and would like to know how to move needed files (Windows OS, games etc) to my larger HDD.
Do you need some sort of software to do this? I have heard the word "cloning" but don't know what it means, or if it refers to this procedure.
I would really like to know how I can move these files before I lose alot of data.
Any advice would be appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 10 Jun 2007

Buy a copy of Acronis true image 10 and copy the whole drive to the second drive.

click here

  Diemmess 15:42 10 Jun 2007

The operating system is and installed and working.
It is changing all the time it is running special software is needed to make a compressed image stored stored for safe keeping and "restored" to the same drive when needed.

Acronis version 10 is the one I would recommend, have a look at Amazon for probably the best buy.

If your two HDs are C: and D:, you need to put the image file somewhere other than the larger HD unless this is already partitioned.

The reason is that restoring the image file automatically deletes everything on the drive where you saved it!

If there is enough room on the old C: drive then that will work for you, but you will still have to save what is already on the larger disk first or lose it when the restoration takes place.

If you understand so far then post here again, and any questions can bring you more answers.

  Quiet Life 15:51 10 Jun 2007

xxclone click here is free and would do what you want. Make sure you clone your present C drive to a partition on your large drive as the program deletes everything already on the partition/drive.

  Adam Patrick 18:43 10 Jun 2007

Ok thanks for that.
If I was to go with Acronis 10, then I would need to partition my larger drive (Drive D) in order to move the "image" file to this partitioned bit.
Could you tell me how to partition my Drive D.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by the "image" file and where this is located.

  Diemmess 10:17 11 Jun 2007

With Acronis you can Clone (copy) to another HD

An Image file is part of a two stage process used for regular backups of a drive.
It is stored safely in compressed form away from the drive that has been imaged. An 'image' is just a file like any other and won't interfere with anything

The 'cloning' process and 'restoring' an image file both overwrite any data on that (target) drive.

That doesn't matter if the drive is virgin new, but matters a lot if it overwrites all the precious stuff you already had on that drive!

That is where you have to decide either to make CDs of any data you want from the new drive and copy it back, after the original drive has been cloned/restored there and is up and running.

Overall, you are trying to make the old HD redundant before it fails completely.
You will have to decide whether to fit another HD, or partition (make two drives) the larger and newer HD.

  Probabilitydrive 10:25 11 Jun 2007

No intention to hijack the thread, but might be useful addition to Adam Patrick's query:

does Acronis TI also image the master boot record without causing hiccups after you cloned restored to a replacement HDD? (e.g. when performing then a clean re-install of your OS)

  Adam Patrick 14:47 15 Jun 2007

I have decided to try and partition my D Drive, to make a place for the "image" file to be put. (Have found an explaination of how to partition on a website)

Was wondering how big the "image" file will be, so as to roughly estimate the size of partition.

Also, will Acronis alert me when it is ready to put the "image" file safely away from the rest, so I will know that it is not being put with the rest of the data, therefore not wiping out the whole content of drive D?

  Adam Patrick 18:12 15 Jun 2007

There seems to be a bit of a grey area here, so have had a change of plan, and if poss would like your advice on it.

Because of my imminently failing HDD, I now plan to buy a cheap External HDD tomorrow (from PC World) and put everything from my failing 20GB C Drive onto it (OS plus other programs), possibly temporarily, using Acronis 10.

I have heard that External drives are slower than internal drives. Therefore, as this will have my OS on it, would this adversely effect the speed of games that are on a different HDD drive?
If so, would it then be possible to again move the entire contents of the External HDD back onto a brand new fast internal HDD (using Acronis 10)?

  Quiet Life 18:57 15 Jun 2007

Windows is designed not to run from an external drive. What you are proposing would not work.

  Adam Patrick 20:30 15 Jun 2007

Well, I've bought Acronis 10, but have read the user guide and it has no mention of the "image" file that has been talked about in this thread. Apparently you have to make sure this "image" file is separated from the target HDD (by partitioning first) when using Acronis because otherwise it will wipe away all data etc on the target drive.
I've read instructions and understand roughly how to clone the complete C Drive (failing) on to the ok D Drive, but do not know how to make sure that this "image" file is kept seperate (ie to be put in a seperate partitioned bit) - I can't seem to find that in the instructions.

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