HDD failing on dual boot system HELP.

  lixdexik 10:05 06 Mar 2003

Hi. my Hdd is failing as it will not allow me to write to it to save anything.

I have two HDDs C & D win 98 was loaded to the c drive then winxp pro loaded as a clean install onto the d drive. winxp pro set up the dual boot and winxp is the default system. after getting the system working well I used partition magic to carve the drives up a bit. In win XP the C drive is split into two 20gig partitions ( C & J )and the D drive is split into four ( F, G, H &I). In xp, after carving the drive up the D drive is now shown as F. F being the winxp fnts drive, and all other partitions are FAT32. when I choose to boot into win98 I get error mesages can't find HIMEM.sys..If I start with xp then all is well but I am unable to write anything to the C or J drive....

The question is..as the c drive is now dead, if I just remove it and replace it with a new drive, will I still be able to boot to xp and then format the new drive from there, re create the partitions with partition magic and re load win 98. with drive image or is the boot information on the c drive?

I used drive image 2002 to make a drive image of the c drive onto the G partition as soon as I got the system up and running and would hope to just restore the c drive from that..it would be easy if xp would load then I could restore it from there..

any thoughts or advice please.

Cheers Lixdexik.

Got to go to work now so will read your responses this evening. cheers.

  lixdexik 15:02 06 Mar 2003


  lixdexik 19:30 06 Mar 2003


  zanwalk 21:16 06 Mar 2003

Well I think you should be able to restore your C partition to the new HD and all will be well if it has copied the MBR over as well, you can certainly try it with the Drive Image floppies, as you won't be able to boot any OS until you have your MBR back. It is the first sector of the first HD. Try it and see.

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