HDD died unexpectedly

  Puzzled Noob 05:48 27 Dec 2007

Hi, i need help with my HDD (at least im mostly sure its my HDD thats throwing up the prodlems) i recently bought a new pc, in the summer time so its less than half a year old. not sure of the exact make and specs of each individual component but it runs of windows Vista 34bit OS with 2or3Gb RAM, dual core processor etc etc, basically a mid to high level gaming pc [exactly what i use it for :)] but to the point; i left it running downloading some files and updating as i generally do (its on around 90% of the time) and wandered off to do something else when i came back around an hour later i found it in the middle of rebooting (or so i thought) and it was showing the black screen with white writing describing the booting process, where it checks all PCI devices and lists them off in a nice big list, this screen generally takes around half a second to wizz past on normal startups so i only glanced at my screen then glanced away, when i looked back i saw it was still on this screen and taking a closer look it said something along the lines of "insert system disk and hit enter" at the bottom. after several minutes of rooting around in the boxes at the back of my cupboard i found the packaging and the system disk that came with the PC, i inserted and pressed enter, waited for ages as it loaded up and then took me to a wizard for installing windows vista, which i was rather dismayed to find, thinking it wold simply get my pc up and running like magic (i put most of the things that go wrong with my pc down to evil minded pixies that sneak in while im sleeping and wreak havoc!) after running the repair option of the installation wizard a couple times i got to a screen where i could browse through my pc to try and find the operating system files that had been corrupted (that was my guess at the time) only to find that the only HDD that was operating was one called "X: Boot". i only have the one HDD and im fairly sure that Boot is a partition that has always been there... i vaguely remember seeing it when accessing C:// through windows explorer. however my main part of the HDD with all my files applications and apparently OS system files on has vanished without a trace, i took the pc apart and unplugged, then replugged the HDD hoping it was just a abd connection. but no luck. if anyone could shed some light onto my situation it would be greatly appreciated, im just completely stumped that it still shows some HDD (33GB of the 250GB total) but not all of it even though i definately only have the one HDD in the pc. Is it a dead HDD? in which case is there any way in hell to rescue my files or are they condemned to limbo for eternity??

  Pamy 12:52 27 Dec 2007

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